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Forget Christmas, it's always Halloween around here.



Psycho Glam

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Sunday 12/02/2012 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Randy Petersen It's Our House Now Disney's Mickey's House of Villains Disney
Various Be Prepared Lion King Soundtrack Disney
Pat Carroll Poor Unfortunate Souls Little Mermaid Soundtrack Disney
Tony Jay Hellfire Hunchback of Notre Dame Soundtrack Disney
Keith David Friends on the Other Side Princess and the Frog Soundtrack Disney
Tim Curry Toxic Love Fern Gully Soundtrack MCA Records
Ken Page and Ed Ivory Oogie Boogie's Song Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack Disney
Danny Elfman Remains of the Day Corpse Bride Soundtrack Warner Brothers
Jim Cummings In the Dark of the Night Anastasia Soundtrack Atlantic Records
Elvira Here I Am Elvira's Gravest Hits Queen B Records
The Brains I'm Your Nightmare Drunk Not Dead Stomp Records
Electric Frankenstein Coolest Little Monster Conquers The World Magnatune Records
Blood Junkies All Hallow's Eve Maladies Evil One Music
Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space Wallow Queen Monster Mutant Boogie Fiend Force Records
The Crimson Ghosts Necrobabe Leaving The Tomb Fiend Force Records
Seraphim Shock After Dark Red Silk Vow Requiem Records
The Deep Eynde Hoodoo Shadowland Inferno Records
45 Grave Procession Debasement Tapes Cleopatra Records
The Skyhooks Horror Movie Living in the 70's Mushroom Records
Radiacs She's My Witch Return of the Radiacs Raucous Records
Vincent Price The Monster Mash Single Atlantic Records
Jack Kittel Psycho Jack Froever Belt Records
Cold Blue Rebels Zombie Love Blood, Guts N' Rock & Roll Horror High Records
Mad Jack and The Hatters Frankenstein Baby Beware of the Dog Popeye Records
Zombie Ghost Train R.I.P. Glad Rags and Body Bags SOS Records
Coffin Nails The Dead Don't Get Older The Dead Don't Get Older Greystone Records
Hellcat and the Prowl Betty Bones Single Crazy Love Records
The Hellfreaks Boogie Man Hell, Sweet Hell Longneck Records
Kitty in a Casket Bride of the Monster Horror Express Crazy Love Records