Raise The Dead

The Blasphemer

tonight airing interview with Away and Chewie of Voivod from the recent show at the Fox Theater in Oakland.

then filling out the show with classics from the 80's on vinyl





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Saturday 11/24/2012 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Voivod Mechanical Mind Mechanical Mind Century Media 7"
Voivod interview with Away and Chewie
Voivod Order Of The Blackguards Killing Technology Combat Vinyl
Overkill Feel The Fire Feel The Fire Megaforce Vinyl
Destruction Bestial Invasion Infernal Overkill Metal Blade Vinyl
Exciter Violence And Force Violence And Force Music For Nations Vinyl
Possessed Exorcist Seven Churches Combat Vinyl
Exodus A Lesson In Violence Bonded By Blood Torrid Vinyl
Kreator Tormentor Endless Pain Noise Vinyl
Venom In League With Satan Welcome To Hell Neat Picture Disc
Celtic Frost Circle Of The Tyrants To Mega Therion Combat Vinyl
Motorhead (We Are) The Road Crew Ace Of Spades Mercury Vinyl
Bathory Woman Of Dark Desires Under The Sign Of The Black Mark Under One Flag Vinyl
Saxon Denim And Leather Denim And Leather Carrere Vinyl
Savatage By The Grace Of The Witch The Dungeons Are Calling Combat Vinyl
Running Wild Victims Of States Power Running Wild EP GMBH Vinyl
Hallow's Eve Metal Merchants Metal Massacre VI Metal Blade Vinyl
Metal Church The Brave Metal Massacre V Metal Blade Vinyl
Sodom Outbreak Of Evil In The Sign Of Evil Metal Blade Vinyl
Slayer Black Magic Show No Mercy Metal Blade Vinyl
Bulldozer Insurrection Of The Living Damned Speed Kills Music For Nations Vinyl
Megadeth Last Rites/Love You To Death Killing Is My Business Combat Vinyl