Tripping with the Flower Vato

Flower Vato

Today I'll be bringing in a load of twisted country. Listen to rednecks sing about drugs and hippies, listen to hippies sing about drugs and rednecks. Also we'll hear excerpts from the excellent Sublime Frequencies sound collage, "I Remember Syria'.  Photobucket


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Friday 11/16/2012 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
Autry Inman Ballad of Two Brothers
Ben Colder The Love-In
Johnny Bucket Hippie In A Blunder
Moe Averick Middle Age Hippie Blues
Guy Drake The Marching Hippies
Chesney Carroll Hippie From Mississippi
Benny Johnson Burn Your Bra Baby
Wendall Austin LSD
Johnny Price Fire Burn
Vic Woodward & Claudia Hippie Yippie
Red River Dave California Hippie Murders
Bud Freeman Beacause Of LSD
Leon Hart Long White Line
Lonnie Irving Gooseball Brown
Lum Hatcher White Lightening and Excess
Leon Rausch Hanoi Jane
Margie Singleton Jesus Is My Pusher
Stu Mitchell Acid
Buck Jones A Box Of Grass
Wild Bill Cooksy Mississippi Hippie
Johnny Price Marijuana, the Devil Flower
The Hippie Revolt
Freddie Countryman Cocaine Blues
George Weston Dead Man
Benny Joy Dark Angel
Big Shorty The Guy That Looks Like Me
John Prine Your Flag Decal Wont Get You Into Heaven Anymore
Jerry Jeff Walker Up Against The Wall You Redneck Mother
unknown various tracks v/a I Remember Syria