Unspeakable Cults


As the cold gathers and the chill sets in, the domain of The Malefactor once again covers this land.  His sorcerous force having been gathered at last, a time unlike any before is now here.  This is a winter that will cull the herd and end the lives of the weak... 

Behold the Malefactor's unholy online presence here.

Bands and labels, submit your music for airplay to:
KDVS Metal Department
14 Lower Freeborn Hall
Davis, CA 95616


Metal, Ambient, Spoken Word

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Thursday 11/15/2012 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Pseudogod Azazel Deathwomb Catechesis Hells Headbangers Brutal Russian darkness from 2012.
Dissection Unhallowed Live Legacy Back On Black
Visceral Throne Omnipotent Asperity Omnipotent Asperity Brutal Bands Brand new release of Hansen-aged brutal death metal.
Jag Panzer Reign of the Tyrants Ample Destruction Iron Works
Disentomb Abominations Created Through Divinity Promo 2012 Self Released
Merrimack Hypophanie The Acausal Mass AFM Records
Cyanic Endless Scorn Litanies of Lust Unholy Brand new album - Cyanic will be playing with Kommandant at Burnt Ramen in Richmond on December 15th!
Apocryphon Hidden Altars EP 2011 Playing with locals Killgasm, Chronaexus and Embodied Torment at The Colony in Sacramento on November 29th.
Euphoric Defilement Abolishing The Divine Structure Ascending To The Worms Unique Leader Upcoming debut on Unique Leader out in February.
Syrebris Spiraling Downward Recording a debut EP currently for a year's-end release.
Dying Fetus Devout Atrocity Reign Supreme Relapse Coming to Stockton on December 10th, with support from Embodied Torment, Cursed, Feast and more; message https://www.facebook.com/embodiedtorment for advance tickets.
Devourment Babykiller Butcher The Weak Brutal Bands 2006 re-recording. Thanks for the request!
Winterfylleth The Fate of Souls After Death The Threnody of Triumph Candlelight Records
Morbid Angel Inquisition (Burn With Me) Domination Giant Thanks for the request!
Immortal Pure Holocaust Pure Holocaust Osmose Frater W.C.!
Eulogy Alpha Omega Alpha Omega Rock Band University Davis band. Thanks to Eulogy for the donation!
Heaven Shall Burn Murderers Of All Murderers Iconoclast Century Media
God Dethroned Fire Storm Under The Sign of the Iron Cross Metal Blade Regrettably unheralded final release from the Nederlanders.
Bloodthorn They Will Arise Genocide Pre-emptive request satisfied.
Iniquity Son of Cosmos Serenadium Diehard A little shout out to Evan and Hands of the Destroyer in Atascadero.
Pig Destroyer Totaled Book Burner Relapse Brand new release.
Orchidectomy Celestial Excrutations A Prelate's Attrition Unmatched Brutality The apex of brutality in musical form leads to a release of the mortal coil... Return for more excruciating punishment six days hence...