Revenge of the Handlebar Moustache

Calamity Janie


Rock, Punk, Indie

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Friday 11/16/2012 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Lori & The Chameleons The Lonely Spy The Lonely Spy Korova 7 inch 45 A side
Tuxedomoon You You Cramboy LP 33 B-2nd to last
The Finks Cecilia Ann Fill 'Er Up and Go! Dionysus surf instro
Gravys Drop Buddhist Guru Hot Donuts Now Burger/Spot-On Sound 7 inch 45 A side western rock vibes
Various Artists Breathing Blankets- Gee, You're Swell Cheese Borger's Pie & Ears Vol. 2 Smog Veil sweet rock
She Sir Prairie Burn Who Can't Say Yes Self-Released indie rock
The Bonniwells Lazy Daisy Yesterdaisy Anti Fade 7 inch 33 A1 indie, some rockin moments
Sir Douglas Quintet And It Didn't Even Bring Me Down Best of Takoma LP 33 A2 garage
Various Artists Jim Wunderle- Pushin' Too Hard Declaration of Independents Ambition garage
Straight Arrows Close That Door Can't Count Anti Fade 7 inch 45 B2 hard garage
King Tuff A Pretty Dress Was Dead Colonel LP 33 A 2nd to last playing sunday 12/02 at Bows, new single out
Plastic Bertrand Ca Plane Pour Moi
Alex Chilton Alligator Man Like Flies on Sherbert Aura LP 33 B 2nd to last rock Box Tops, Big Star
Andrew Bird When That Helicopter Comes Hands Of Glory mom + pop rock
Beloved Binge Unification of + and - Pockets Self Released rock
Gaza Strippers Brain Washer Laced Candy Man's Ruin rockin
Copernicus I Know What I Thnk Copernicus Ski LP 33 A3 weird rock
jowe head Merman Blues merman blues Topplers 7 inch 45 pic side weird rock
Glitter Wizard Horses Horses Captcha 7 inch 45 A side animated rock
Micachu and the Shapes Never Never Rough Trade quirky rock
Plastic Idols Einstein Experience Einstein Experience Vision 7 inch 45 punk
Black Dahlias Wednesday Night S/T Plastic Idol punk
Ex-Cult MPD M.P.D. Goner 7 inch 45 A1 punk rock
Mo-Dettes Two Can Play Dark Park Creeping Decca 7 inch 45 B side punk fem vox
Ty Segall Would You Be My Love Twins Drag City played Letterman 11/05/12
Workdogs Moon Goin' Down Roberta OKra LP 33 B3 punk
Born Petrified Eat You Up Born Petrified PB&J 7 inch 33 B1 lofi crazy rock, midtempo
Lazy Party City Party City Moniker 7 inch 45 A side good rock/punk
Heart Attack Alley My Beating Heart Living In Hell Voodoo Rhythm fem vox heavy rock like garage oldies
Useless Eaters New Program New Program Anti Fade 7 inch 45 A side weird punk
Clone Defects Stray Boy Shapes of Venus In the Red punk, my faves
Dharma Dogs Laxadaisy Drown Kitschy Manitou 7 inch 45 A1 reminds me of Clone Defects
Dharma Bums This Horse Is. Dharma Bums Frontier LP 33 B4 rock/punk
BLACKS, THE It's Gravemoney time BALLS DEEP NO THEME 7 inch 45 heavy punk rock
Lamps Pigeon (Guided Missile?) Under The Water Under The Ground In The Red heavy punk rock