Neonate (Fighting For A Future)

Punk Roge & M. Riot

Veterans Day 2012 and anti-war/destruction!

* More punk rock than you can shake a stick at!
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RIP Luigi's in Davis.

nov 15 thr The Rezillos, The Phenomenauts

at the Uptown, Oakland 21+ $13/$15 9pm *** @


Punk, Street Punk, Hardcore, International Punk, Riot Grrrl

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Sunday 11/11/2012 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Dicks I Hope You Get Drafted 1980-1986 Alternative Tentacles
Dead Kennedys When Ya Get Drafted Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables Alternative Tentacles
Christ On Parade Don't Draft Me Sounds Of Nature Neurot
Toxic Reasons War Hero Independence Beer City
Various Artists Corrupted Morals - Be All You Can Be Punk Seven Inche CD Volume One 1988-1989 Lookout
Pariah Youths of Age Youths of Age Posh Boy/Get Back
Various Artists Karnage - The Few, The Proud, The Dead Not So Quiet On The Western Front Alternative Tentacles
Various Artists Free Beer - Premature Enlistment Not So Quiet On The Western Front Alternative Tentacles
Various Artists Maniax - Off To War Not So Quiet On The Western Front Alternative Tentacles
Anti-Flag You've Got To Die For The Government Die For The Government New Red Archives
Varukers Die For Your Government 1980-2005 Collection of 25 Years SOS
Unseen Sent To Die So This Is Freedom? A-F
Mankind? Find Your Future... Won't You Join The Army Now So You Can Fight And You Can Die! Tribal War 7inch
Code Of Honor I Killed The Dove Complete Studio Recordings Subterranean
AntiProduct Dead Heroes, Dead Dreams The EPs of AP Tribal War
AntiProduct War Is Prostitution The EPs of AP Tribal War
AntiProduct Violence Breeds Violence The EPs of AP Tribal War
AntiProduct Thanks A Lot The EPs of AP Tribal War
Government Satire/Defiant Trespass Government Satire - No Blood For Oil split Square of Opposition
Witch Hunt War-Coma Blood Red States Fistolo
Born/Dead Endless War Endless War....Repetition Prank
Anal Mucus Trippin On The War 86-97 Six Weeks
FEAR Let's Have A War The Record Slash/Rhino
TSOL World War III Thoughts Of Yesterday Posh Boy
MDC Born To Die Millions Of Dead Cops/More Dead Cops R Radical
Various Artists Outsiders - Veterans Day 4 Bands From Jersey That Could Change Everything Squigtone
Hudson Falcons Abandoned Vets Desperation And Revolution GMM
Angelic Upstarts Last Night Another Soldier Live From The Justice League TKO
Various Artists U.S. Bombs - Ghost Soldier Old Skars & Upstarts Disaster
Fifteen The End Swan's First Bike Ride Lookout
Zounds War/Subvert The Curse Of The Zounds! Broken Rekids
Resist Uncle Sam Resistography Profane Existence
Icon A.D. Fight For Peace Lest We Forget Overground
In Liars We Trust In The Name Of Peace In Liars We Trust Foss-Face
Against Abolish War No Arms Grand Theft Audio