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Monday 11/05/2012 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Heibel Apartheid Yeah, Everything's Great! COR 1986
Die Kreuzen Land of Treason Pink Flag Touch and Go 1990
Toxic Reasons Ghost Town Ghost Town Risky 1981
Cinecyde Radiation Sickness/ Behavior Modification Positive Action Tremor 1979
Pink Section Tour China Tour of China w. Shopping Pink Section 1979
Eating Out Burn/ Myska Eating Out Burger *New
Tranzmitors We are All Alone With You We Are All Alone With You Seeing Eye 2007
Pop Art Rest of You/ Feel Right Now Long Walk To Nowhere StoneGarden 1986
Matt K. Shrugg Amber Sez/ Hallow Scene/ C.I.A Gone Ashtray Southpaw 2010
Heart Attack Toxic Lullabye/ Self Control Subliminal Seduction Ratcage 1984
Dwarves I wanna Kill Your Boyfriend I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend Sympathy for the Recod Industry 1987
Triggers Medicine Triggers Johnny Cat 2002
Faster, Frightwig Beverly Kill! Kill! Caroline 1986
Christmas Pies Pies b/w El Colorado Highfives and Handshakes 2010
Toy Dolls Poor Davey Dig that Groove Baby Volume 1985
Monsula Razors Structure Lookout 1990
Nub The Road Less Traveled Nub Iteration 1994
J Church Cigarettes Kill/ Racked Arbor Vitae Honey 1995
Tenants Submind Submind b/w Noise in My Head Rents 1981
Blue Ruin Can't Take Anymore Don't Come Home b/w Can't Take Anymore Three Girls 1983
Eton Crop Banana Battle A Bundle of Bucks Ediesta 1987
Pigeon Religion Dead Boss Dead Boss Gilgongo 2009
Rudimentary Peni Bloody Jellies/ Zero Again Farce Crass 1982
Eight Route Army Prodigal Son Prodigal Son 1 demensional 1989
Extrem Geld & Macht/ Wir Sind Wir Sind So Frei Durchbruch 1987
Tyranis Business as Usual Tyranis Burger New
DDT Waiting Broken Toy Laser 1985
Halligani i Ra You're Cool V/A Bishkek Is Burning Tian An Men 1989