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Saturday 11/03/2012 @ 2:00PM - 4:00PM
Saguache Flat Entity Terrain Constellation Tatsu
Steve Moore Light Echoes II Light Echoes Cuneiform Records
Iibiis Rooge A Side Hespherides Weird Forest
CVLTS Realiser Realiser Constellation Tatsu
Laurie Spiegel East River Dawn The Expanding Universe Unseen Worlds
Steve Moore Protomorphosis Light Echoes Cuneiform Records
Expo '70 Backmasking Deeper Than Darkness Beguiled Entropy Blackest Rainbow
Arachnid Arcade Mysterious Particle Projector Single Fangs Self Released
Markus Mehr Only For A While On Hidden Shoal Recordings
Panabrite Octopus In Your Dreams Sub-Aquatic Meditation Aguirre Records
Skyramps Dripping Water Hollows Out A Stone Days Of Thunder Wagon
END OF SHOW 2012.11.03