Beyond the Stench of Death


 This morning it's double the time, so, double the mayhem as I will have 4 hours to go beyond the stench of death since I'll also be covering DJ Night's slot. I intend to pile-on what the Malefactor played during his Holloween show and finish off, more properly, my KZAP "coulda, woulda, shoulda" songs for the latter 70's. The neon slime never smelled so bad.

Metal bands, send your worthiest to:

KDVS Metal Dept.

14 Lower Freeborn Hall

Davis, CA. 95616



Heavy Metal and Hard Rock

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Saturday 11/03/2012 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Grave Desecrator Devil's Revenge Sign of Doom 2007
God Dethroned Storm Of Steel Under The Sign of the Iron Cross Metal Blade 2010
Suicide Silence Hands Of A Killer The Cleansing Century Media 2007. Thanks for the request.
Inquisition Wasted Importance Anxious Death/Forever Under Compilation Nuclear War Now Prod. 1990/1993
Inquisition Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer No Colours Records 2004
Inquisition Desolate Funeral Chant Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm Hells Headbangers 2011
Wings Hauser Neon Slime Soundtrack of Vice Squad 1982
Melechesh Tablets of Fire SPHYNX OSMOSE 2002
Gwar We KIll Everything We Kill Everything Metal Blade 1999. Headlining Ace Of Spades on 11/6/12
Devildriver Clouds over California The Last Kind Words Roadrunner 2007. Also At Ace on 11/6/12
Legacy Of Disorder Hell Tonight Last Man Standing Black Orchard Music 2012. Also at Ace on 11/6/12
Truculence Slaughtered At 16 Repugnant Green Dream Studios
Hammer Horde Riders of Annihilation Vinlander Storm Surge 2012
Plague Widow Assimilated Subconscious Plague Widow Buried in Hell 2012
Minenwerfer Sea of Nihilism Nihilistischen Christian Annihilation 2012
Rotten Funeral Sodomizer of Black Holes Satanic Black Metal Promo Self Released 2011
Dying Fetus Destroy The Opposition Destroy The Opposition Relapse In Stockton on 12/10/12 at the Plea For Peace Center
Cattle Decapitation Forced Gender Reassignment Monolith Of Inhumanity Metal Blade 2012. Also in Stockton on 12/10/12
Cerebral Bore Open Casket Priapism Maniacal Miscreation EARACHE Also in Stockton on 12/10/12
Grand Magus Starlight Slaughter The Hunt Nuclear Blast 2012
Maniac Butcher Projizdka Krutych Hlubokym Za Oucelem Scitani Stavich Vlkuch A Vlkodlakuch Masakr Negative Existence 2011
Judas Priest Prophecy Nostradamus Epic 2008 Start of the Nostradamus "Suite"
Judas Priest Awakening Nostradamus Epic 2008
Judas Priest Pestilence And Plague Nostradamus Epic 2008
Judas Priest Death Nostradamus Epic 2008
Judas Priest Conquest Nostradamus Epic 2008 Conclusion of side 1 tracks.
Judas Priest Exiled Nostradamus Epic 2008 Disc 2 Selections starting of the "Suite"
Judas Priest Alone Nostradamus Epic 2008
Judas Priest Future Of Mankind Nostradamus Epic 2008 Actual conluding track of the CD set.
Der Weg Einer Freiheit Zu Grunde Unstille Viva Hate Records 2012
Saxon Party Til You Puke Rock The Nations Capitol 1986
Book of Black Earth Research And Destroy The Cold Testament Prosthetic 2010
Fiends At Feast The Devil's Horns Shadows of Extinction Horror Pain Gore Death 2012
Hour of Penance Sedition Through Scorn Sedition Prosthetic 2012
Spawn of Possession Servitude of Souls Incurso Relapse 2012
Grave Passion Of The Weak Endless Procession of Souls Century Media 2012
Nightbringer Lucifer Trismegistus Hierophany of the Open Grave Season Of Mist 2011
Rick Derringer Sitting By The Pool Derringer Live Sony Music 1977
Rainbow Mistreated Live In Munich 1977 Spitfire 2006 Release
Foghat Last Train Home Last Train Home Foghat Records 2010
Willie Dixon The Little Red Rooster I Am The Blues Columbia 1993 (per CD) but I remember it from the 70's.