He hates music, he loves noise

Robin Redbeast

Radio show of the dead musicians... Also, other dead music.


Skunch, Not-Music, Rock, golden oldies.

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Friday 11/02/2012 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Butthole Surfers The SHah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave Live PCPPEP
Cosmic Psychos Dead Roo BLokes You can Trust Drummer might or might not be dead
Dead Moon Graveyard LiveeviL it's dead moon
No Trend Too Many Humans WHen Death WOn't solve Your Problem! I think the guitarist is dead
Flipper One By One Gone Fishin dead Will Shatter
Malfunkshun My ONly Fan Return to Olympus Dead Landrew
Stranglers No More Heroes No More Heroes dead heroes
Melvins Agonizer Ozma a dead body's in the song
Janitor Joe Bullethead 7" AMrep Dead Bassist was in Hole
Husker Du Pink Turns into Blue Zen Arcade Dead person in song
Lost Sounds Heart Felt Toys Black Wave Dead Jay Reatard
Chrome Jonestown Red Exposure Dead Daemon Edge, Dead People's Temple
Swell Maps A Raincoats Room Collision Time Dead Nikki Sudden and Epic SOundtracks
Can Butterfly Delay 1968 Dying Butterfly
Eat Skull Dead Families Dead Families Skulltones Sounds better when the keyboard breaks, and plays itself
Death View Spiritual-Mental-Physical Drag City dead guitarist
Destroy All Monsters Nov 22nd 7" IDBI Dead Kennedy, various dead members
Germs Caught in My Eye What we do is Secret Dead Darby
Bauhaus Bela Lugosi's Dead 12" single
Fat Boys Back and Forth Comin Back Hard Again Buff Love Died :(
Severed Heads Dead Eyes Open Since the Accident Dead Emily Kay
PiL Graveyard Metal Box Dead and Buried
This Heat Cenotaph Deceit Millions of Dead Soldiers
Angry Angles The 15th Apparent-Transparent Plastic Idol Dead jay Reatard and Living Alix covering Wire
Karp Bastard of Disguise Self Titled LP Dead Drummer
The Spits Die Die Die Spits Nickel and Dime (2001)
Brainiac Nothing Ever Changes Hissing Prigs in Static Couture T&G Dead Singer Guitarist :(