No Cure for the Terminally Awkward


happy halloween?



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Wednesday 10/31/2012 @ 7:00PM - 8:00PM
The Shaggs Halloween The Shaggs Red Rooster
Parenthetical Girls Handsome Devil 7" Split with Xiu Xiu Upset! The Rhythm
The Jimmies Already Wasted Cheap Blood Red Vinyl & Disc
The Bodies Radio Battle For The Airwaves Radio
The Magnetic IV Bone Shaker Tarantula! Tear It Up
Bladder Bladder Bladder Designated Drinking Driver Battle For The Airwaves Radio
X Your Phone's Off The Hook (But You're Not!) White Girl Slash
X Men Won't Fall Satisfaction Guaranteed Escapist Music
Various Artists Defectors - Burning Light Emergency Room vol 1 Grotesque Modern/Nominal
F/I Stepping Stone The Gift Of Noise L'Invitation au Suicide
Beat Happening Zombie Limbo Time Music To Climb The Apple Tree By K
Kill Me Tomorrow I Require Chocolate 7" Single Gold Standard Laboratories
X Ray Eyeballs Crystal 7" Single HoZac
Idle Times Million Miles Away Hookup Klub Round One HoZac
F/I Frat Boy The Gift Of Noise L'Invitation au Suicide