Satan's Children

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if i see you with a "i voted sticker" on campus today, i'll throw free pizza at your mouth.


Darkwave - Eclectic

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Tuesday 11/06/2012 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Gestapo Khazi Escalators Escalators b/w The Atomic Kind Eradicator long beach
Metz Headache Metz Sub Pop canada
Batwings Catwings Endless Summer los angeles
Vinyl Williams Harmonious Change los angeles
Groundislava Cool Party los angeles
Blue Hawaii In Two (pt.I + II) Untogether Arbutus Upcoming album
Talkdemonic Revival Ruins Glacial Pace Recordings portland
Mister Lies Dionysian chicago
Dream Panther Late Night Gymnopaedia los angeles
Freedom Fry Summer In The City (Grand Theft Otto Remix) Summer In The City Remixes paris/los angeles
Lost Lander Cold Feet DRRT portland
Psychic Ills Take Me With You Upcoming 2013 Sacred Bones nyc
Gap Dream 58th St. Fingers Gap Dream Burger cleveland
The Blank Tapes 1000 Leather Tassels self-released los angeles/san francisco
The Abigails Black Hell/Satan Taps My Head Songs Of Love & Dispair los angeles 1966
Cold Specks Holland uk
Memoryhouse Sleep Patterns The Years - EP Sub Pop montreal
Catwalk Home One By Words/Home - Single Captured Tracks los angeles/oxnard
Orca Team Vancouver B.C. Vancouver B.C. self-released seattle 2011
Generationals Greenleaf Actor-Castor Park The Van new orleans
Races Walk Through The Fire Year Of The Witch Frenchkiss los angeles
Dark Dark Dark Daydreaming Wild Go Supply and Demand Music minneapolis
La Sera I Can't Keep You In My Mind Sees The Light Hardly Art los angeles
Merry Christmas It's Existence Makes Love Impossible Various And A Sundry self-released ex joyce manor/los angeles
Nucular Aminals Health Is Imposing Start From An End K Records portland
Warpaint Beetles Exquisite Corpse los angeles