Unspeakable Cults


The Malefactor's designs are nearing fruition as the night of restless souls approaches and the abyss is yawning wider.  Soon, all unwary creatures will be digested in the hungry viscera of the netherworld and your world will reach its end.  Next week, behold an incantation of unfathomable power on the most infernal night of the year...

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Bands and labels, submit your music for airplay to:
KDVS Metal Department
14 Lower Freeborn Hall
Davis, CA 95616


Metal, Ambient, Spoken Word

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Thursday 10/25/2012 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Infestdead Undead Screaming Sins Jesusatan Connected An old Dan Swano project from the Malefactor's vault.
Dying Fetus Dissidence Reign Supreme Relapse On tour with Cattle Decapitation and Cerebral Bore coming to California in December.
Deathspell Omega Fiery Serpents Drought Norma Evangelium Diaboli
Morbid Saint Crying For Death Spectrum of Death Avanzada Metalica Next week, that's just you'll all be doing!
Pig Destroyer All Seeing Eye Book Burner Relapse Brand new album.
Insentient Winter's End Promo Self-released LA band.
Valdur Conjuring the Fire Plagues The Hammer Pit EP Self-released
Converge All We Love We Leave Behind All We Love We Leave Behind Epitaph October release.
Sacramentum Portal of Blood The Coming of Chaos Century Media
Drawn and Quartered Cryptic Consecrations Feeding Hell's Furnace Nuclear Winter Records 2012 return from the Seattle outfit.
Necronomicon Through The Door of Time The Sacred Medicines Skyscraper
Brodequin Feast of Flesh Instruments of Torture Unmatched Brutality Another morbid pick for the lead-up to next week's special...
Morbosidad Pacto Satanico (parte II) S/T Evil Morgue Thanks for the request!
Celestial Bloodshed The Demon Of Old Cursed, Scarred And Forever Possessed Moribund
Terminally Your Aborted Ghost Open Concave Chest Wounds Suicide As Self Expression Permeated
Cruciamentum Through Gates of Morpheus Realms Engulfed in Desolation EP + Convocation of Crawling Chaos Demo Nuclear Winter Records Ancient death metal for a grim time...
Adversarial/Antediluvian Adversarial - Spiraling Towards The Ultimate End Initiated In Impiety As Mysteries Nuclear War Now Productions Brand new release of dark black/death metal.
Negator In The Unholy Halls Of Eternal Frost Old Black Magick Singer now with Dark Funeral.
Hideous Divinity Laughing At The Ephemeral Race Obeisance Rising Unique Leader
Chaos Inception The Exterminati The Abrogation Lavadome Productions Brand new release.
Enthroned Petraoleum Saliva Obsidium Agonia 2012 album.
The Gates of Slumber Castle of the Devil The Wretch Metal Blade Next week, KDVS becomes The Malefactor's infernal stronghold, as he summons fire and tartarean forces hitherto unknown to his thrall... Be not far from the action, mortals!