He hates music, he loves noise

Robin Redbeast

so it's halloween, and you feel like dancing, and you feel like shining, and you feel like cuttin, loose. Well, what'cha gonna be? Babe, you better know. And you better plan. Better plan all day, Better plan all week, Better plan all month, Better plan all year. 


Skunch, Not-Music, Rock, golden oldies.

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Friday 10/26/2012 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Mussorsgy Night on Bald Mountain Pictures at an exhibition arr. by ravel, played by philly philharmonic orch, cond. by Ormandy
Ray Parker Jr Ghostbusters Ghostbusters soundtrack
Man or Astroman? King of the Monsters Experiment Zero
God Bullies Cemetary Dog Show Amrep
Rudimentary Peni Nightgaunts Cacophony RP's Masterpiece
Rudimentary Peni Vatican't City Hearse Pope Adrian the 37th Psychristatric Their other piece
Rudimentary Peni Hearse EPs of RP a million little pieces
Rudimentary Peni Black and Gold Cacophony
Half Japanese My Concentration oh no! Loud and Horrible
Lake of Dracula Dracula Killed Frankenstein Lake of Dracula
Lee Harvey Oswald Band When the Satans come Marching In A taste of Prison actually from their T&G EP
Unwound Look a Ghost Leaves Turn inside you their final album
The Fleshtones I was a Teenage Zombie I was a Teenage Zombie soundtrack the song tells you mostly everything that happens in the movie
Dead Milkmen The thing that only eats Hippies Eat Your Paisley! yikes!
Beat Happening Hangman Jamboree
Mog Stunt Team 555 Hello King of the Retards AmRep Cheap Trick Cover
Big Black He's a Whore Model/He's a Whore 7" T&G hear other covers at CHillanova
Lightning Bolt Birdy Hypermagic Mountain Cover band on Sunday: see above
The Monks Monk TIme Black Monk Time hear the banjo?
Misfits Braineaters Walk Among us Undietalkoes
Angelo Badalamenti The Pink Room Fire Walk With me Sountrack hear his tunes Sunday?
Andrew Lloyd Webber Phantom of the Opera song Phantom of the Opera
Bloodfeast Soundtrack + Deliverence Soundtrack Side A + Side B Bloodfeast Soundtrack + Deliverence Soundtrack And SPK too
SPK Post Mortem Leichenschrei
Hammer Dracula Hammer Presents Dracula Narrated by Christopher Lee
Grong Grong Vlad the Impaler Grong Grong
Painteens Sacrificial Shack 7" C/Z b side is Zeni Geva Cover
Zeni Geva Bloodsex Total Castration
Motorhead Killed by Death