No Cure for the Terminally Awkward


 art: julien pacaud 

bad dreams. 



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Wednesday 10/24/2012 @ 7:00PM - 8:00PM
Miaow When It All Comes Down Young Popular and Sexy Of Factory
Papas Fritas Lame To Be Passion Play Minty Fresh
English Singles The Finer Points Backstreet Pages Slumberland
Manatee Fifteen Minute Drive Indecision b/w Fifteen Minute Drive Slumberland
English Singles Daydream Backstreet Pages Slumberland
Surf Club More Than A Friend Young Love EP Self Released
Manda and the Marbles Do You Know Reputation Sick House
My Teenage Stride That Should Stand For Something Ears Like Golden Bats Becalmed
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments Cheater's Heaven Bait & Switch Onion
Happy Burger Pizza All Around S/T Douche Master
Personal & The Pizzas I Can Read S/T Search and Destroy
Halo Bit Peggy & Helen Halo Bit Spin Art
Happy Burger The Balad of Ray Kroc S/T Douche Master
Manda and the Marbles Reputation Reputation Self Released
The Intelligence (They Found Me At The Back of) The Galaxy Everybody's Got It Easy But Me In The Red Records
Random Cuts Sleep Sleep/Jail Stripes Nominal
The Statics Wimp Split
Twisted Roots Snaked Rodney On The Roq Posh Boy