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Tuesday 10/23/2012 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
R. Stevie Moore Pow Wow Hearing Aid Megaphone/Knock 'em Dead Records New Double LP
Banditas Mine To Lose Save That Rats Hard To Kill/Ride The Snake New LP
Mike Honeyman A Life Like That A Life Like That 1983 Vancouver
Blitz Brothers Rose Tattoo Rose Tattoo Vertigo 1980 UK
NNB Slack VA Bloodstains Across The Midwest Bloodstains Orig 1978, Pittsburgh
The Screaming Believers My Eyes Communist Mutants from Outer Space Greasy Pop Australia 1985
Part Time I Wanna Take You Out What Would You Say Mexican Summer LP
Steaming Coils Bible Moss The Tarkington Table Motiv Communications 1987
Nice Face Asymptotes II Horizon Fires HoZac New LP
Squirrel Bait The Final Chapter Squirrel Bait Homestead 1985
James Gray Come Out Of Your Shell
Sho Nuff Don't Use Me Up Stand Up For Love Malaco 1982
The Toons Video Games Video Games Megatone Records 1983
Irritators Voodoo Boogie Whack The Dolphin Robey Recordo 1981
Fish Cocks Cocks Communication 1982
Lives of Angels In The Image Of Youth Elevator To Eden Dark Entries New LP
Peanut Butter Conspiracy Why Did I Get So High Turn On A Friend
Fine Steps Orestes Boy's Co. Song Records New LP
Mixture Never Trust In Tomorrow VA Piccadilly Sunshine Part One
Doc Severinsen Power To The People Doc Severinsen's Closet 1970
Schatzi and Hazeltine Happy Birthday Baby Happy Birthday Baby Burger New 7 inch
Exposure All Systems Go Star Records 1983 Belgium
Schatzi and Hazeltine Happy Birthday Baby Happy Birthday Baby Burger
Holly And The Italians Youth Coup The Right To Be Italian Virgin 1981
Wimps Stop Having Fun Demo
Chandeliers Ginger Jack Founding Fathers Captcha New LP
Hot & Cold No Dreams Tonight Border Area Moniker New LP
Protomartyr Machinist Man No Passion All Technique Urinal Cake New LP
The Max Block Johnny Mnemonic Air Ache in the Belly of the Leech Siltbreeze Reissued 86-88 on Vinyl
Amy Small Talk Small Talk Earlobe 1980 UK
Z6 You, Eugene And Me You, Eugene And Me Aura 1982 UK
Splash Give Me Your Body Fear No Evil 1981 UK
Lunatics On Pogosticks Jung's Theory Lunatics On Pogosticks EP
Pure Bathing Culture Lucky One 12 EP Father/Daughter Portland
Peaking Lights Midnight Lucifer Mexican Summer New CD