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Monday 10/22/2012 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Crutchfield, R.L. Hands in The Dark Dark Day Lust/Unlust 1979
Subhumans Firing Squad Firing Squad b/w No Productivity Quintessence 1980
Sickoids King of The Dirt Mound/ Clarity/ Human Steps Sickoids Residue *New
Night Birds The Other Side of Darkness The Other Side of Darkness Grave Mistake New
Glue Gun Television Man Glue Gun Fearless 1993
Actifed Creation/ Prophecy Dawn of Alegion Jungle/ Cartel 1984
Rank/Xerox Masking/ Confessions self-titled Mongo Bongo 2009
Pylon M- Train Crazy b/w M- Train DB 1981
UV Race Lego Man UV Race/ Eddy Current Suppresion Ring Missing Link New
Tar Babies Triplets Face the Music Bone Air 1983
Tru Fax and the Insaniacs Up In The Air Mental Decay Wasp 1981
Eddy Current Suppresion Ring Pitch a Tent UV Race/ Eddy Current Suppresion Ring Missing Link New
Total Control Rogue Abortion Thee Oh Sees/ Total Control Castle Face New
Alan Milman Sect Stitches in My Head/ I Wanna Kill Somebody Larry Teich with The Alan Milman Sect Britz 1977
Tv Toy Instant This Instant This/ Instant That Permanent 1979
Stations Mushroom/ Pete Repeat Stations/ Johnny Boy S/R 1996
The Stash 48 Thrills What's My Name b/w 48 Thrills Damgood 1995
Jim Shepard Face On The Factory Volume 1 S/R 1996
Carpettes Frustration Paradise The Carpettes Beggers Banquet 1980
Suicide Commandos Monster Au-Go-Go Emission Control CLiche Ole b/w Monster Au-Go-Go P.S 1975
Negative Trend Meathouse Part II: The Bureacracy Riot 1983
L.D.S On The Cross/ Virgin Prey On The Cross UnderWorld 1985
The Cause Life Force Emancipation/ Are You Really Free High Touch Intent The Crab Song 1990
Neurosis United Sheep Pain of Mind Alchemy 1988
A State of Mind Whats The Difference/ Humyn Exploitation What's The Difference? MIND MATTER 1985
Lenguas Largas B, 2 I Feel Tic Tac Totally 2009
Estrogen Highs Echo Luxury is God Never Heard of It 2010
Random Cuts Make Damage Make Damage Nominal 2009
Defektors Torn to Pieces Torn to Pieces Hockey Dad 2009
The Frumpies Planet What Tommy Slich Look out Rec 1995