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Friday 10/19/2012 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Mojo Men She's My Baby 7 Autumn San Fran 1966
The Panbers We Dance Together Volume 1 Indonesian Pysch
Bobb And The Kids (Bobb Trimble) Selling Me Short While Stringing Me 'Long Take Me Home Vienna 7" Mighty Mouth Music
Jerry Rooth But...You'll Try Again But...You'll Try Again
Peck the Town Crier Big Bad Terrible Home Phone/Ghost of Payphone
Trixy & The Testtones Bits & Pieces Palisades Park 7" Toy Records
The Spells Can't Explain The Age of Backwards K
Terror of the Deep I Am Ocean Dada Damage Compilation Night People
Peak Twins Orange Tree Night People Compilation Night People
The Sandwitches Stardust Duck Duck Goose
Jim Shepard 17...A Rock Aesthetic Evil Love Deeper
Jim Shepard The Longest Distance Between Two Points Folk City A
Dan Melchior I have Known The Emptiness The Backward Path Northern Spy
Bret Lunsford Are You Done Purple Shack Of 4 Track
Bruce Cole Shouting In A Bucket Oh, Lou Lost The Elvis Tapes! Rerun
The Dinosuars Cry To Me The Dinosuars
John Thill The Pill Book Girls Of
Ben Haschish Raisin Juice An Abstract of the Anti Anti Folk Manifesto
Lonnie Eugene Meth auburn Dances Hey Jack
Francois The Way To The Forest Forest Songs Stitch
Yo La Tengo Spec Bebop I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One Matador
Graham Repulski Tuesdays With Rocco Man Pop Shorter Recordings
Chauchat Acrobatiz The Cough Of A Crane Unread
Huon Thunder 'epic' 555
Paul And Lara Roundagon Action Kittridge
Pants Yell! '83 in 05 '83 in '05 Paper Cities
Pop Singles Field in Flames Night People Compilation Night People
Dogbowl Rosemary Red What Else Do You Do