Bad Ideas


Special guests tonight DOOBIE DAVE AND DEATHMERE ROBERTS. It'll be a great one. 


Punk, Rock, New wave, No Wave

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Wednesday 10/17/2012 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Stacian Untitled Songs For Cadets Moniker
Protomartyr Ypsilanti No Passion All Technique Urinal Cake
Frigg A-Go-Go Hard Workin Man Frigg-A-Licious!!! 360 Twist
V-3 Flying The Earth Muffin E.P. Siltbreeze
Bruce Haak Just A Song At Twilight Electric Lucifer Book 2 Normal
D@V3 Unitiled Improvision **$$**
Christof Glowalla Smog In Der Stadt Erde 80 Medical
Pete Drake So Sorry Talking Steel Guitar Smash
John Cale Midnight Feast Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood Domino
Disco Volante Punishment Tank *Live No Motion Medical
Nehemiah St. Danger trk 2 The Slow And Painful Birth Of Nehemiah St. Danger Post-Consumer
Nightwind Why Can't We Later For That Sound Boutique/Peoples Potenial Unlimited
! )) @ \/ 3 Flow Cardia KDVS
Flickk Someboyd Will Get Your Love Somebody Will Get Your Love Peoples Potenial Unlimited
Creme Soda (I'm) Chewin' Gum Tricky Zingers Radioactive
Vox Humana Persistance Of Memory First Voices Medical
Lush De-Luxe