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Da mina lena & Meerkat

A strange and beautiful journey from Hawaii to Korea and from folk to funk...butterflies and praying mantids are invited


Eclectic, Rock, Soul, Indie, Korean music & R&B

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Wednesday 10/17/2012 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Leadbelly In New Orleans Leadbelly Fantasy 1973
Sora Lee Wind blows Eyebrow moon 2004
Resurrection Rain Shower Over the rainbow
All Tiny Creatures Breathing Set Harbors Hometapes
Au Revoir Simone Sad Song The Bird of Music Our Secret Record Company 2007
Jisun Rollercoaster love Mermaid..came back home CJ E&M
Margie Joseph How Do You Spell Love Margie Joseph Atlantic 1973
Daft Punk Something about us Musique Vol.1 (1993-2005) EMI
The J.B.'S La Di Da La Di Day Doing it to Death People 1973
Standing egg Have you ever fallen love Have you ever fallen love Mirrorbowl music Featured by Ra.D
Guangjin Kim Tokyo girl Solbeige 2008
Lafayette Leake Feel So Blue Feel So Blue Black and Blue
Coleman Hawkins Desafinado Desafinado Impulse 1962; Bossa nova and jazz samba
The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band Moonlight Lady Panini Records 1975
MhOlic hahaha Pitapat Digital Record
Blind Pilot Oviedo 3 Rounds and a Sound Expunged Records 2008
Jongsin Yoon instinctive Monthly 2010 May Mirrorbowl music
Lou Johnson The Beat With You In Mind Volt
Panic Rosinante What's happening?-Paninc04
Roy Kim&Junyoung Jung became dust Superstar K Top12 Competition CJ E&M Original song by Guangsuk Kim
YB Volume up the radio I'm the singer competition 6-2 Neowiz internet
Bronzed Chorus Tiny Oxen I'm The Spring Hello Sir 2009
Sungeun Yoo Lost my way for a moment Voice Korea Part1 CJ E&M
Walter Horton Careless Love Can't Keep Lovin' You Blind Pig Records 1984
Mississippi John Hurt Corrinna, Corrinna Today! Vanguard Records