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Sunday 11/11/2012 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Muhammod Ali Ali & His Gang Vs Mr. Tooth Decay The Adventures of Ali and His Gang Vs. Mr. Tooth Decay, a Children's Story St. John's Fruit 1976, US.
The Caroleers Nobody Here Eats Candy Candy Man Peter Pan 1970s, US. "The Caroleers" wasn't an actual band, but the name Peter Pan used for whatever in-house musicians were at the studio.
Susan Christie I love Onions Single CBS 1966, US.
One Way Streets We All Love Peanut Butter Back From the Grave Part One Crypt 1966, US. Contrary to popular belief the song is not about an acid trip, but rather a tongue and cheek song about 2 teens shooting up with peanut butter.
Rufus Wainwright Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk Poses DreamWorks 2002, US.
Perrey-Kingsley Jungle Blues From Jupiter The In Sound From Way Out! Vanguard 1966, US-France.
The Five Notes The Lion Is Awake Jungle Exotica, Volume 2 Crypt 1950s, US.
The Youngsters Zebra Jungle Exotica, Volume 1 Crypt 1950s, US.
Tarantula Ghoul & The Gravediggers King Kong Graveyard Rock Meadows 1957, US.
Pasquale & the Lunar-Tiks Moon Madness Moon Madness Dino 1959, US.
The Ventures Joker's Wild Batman Liberty 1966, US.
The Supremes Dr. Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine American International 1965, US. This is the title song to a Vincent Price/1960s dance party movie about Price makin' robot women.
Johan Pa Snippen (Twist) Ann Kristin 'Grynet' Molvig Operasjon Løvsprett WFMU 1962, Norway.
Jun Mayuzumi Black Room Nippon Girls - Japanese Pop, Beat & Bossa Nova 1966-70 Big Beat 1960s, Japan.
Cozy Cole Topsy Cozy Cole Hits Love 1958, US.
THEM! Trailer Warner 1954, US.
Ronald Stein Song From Spider Baby (Lon Chaney Jr.) Not of This Earth! The Film Music of Ronald Stein Varèse Sarabande 1964, US.
Wicked The spider and the fly Single Isabelle 1979, US.
The Cramps Human Fly Bad Music for Bad People I.R.S. 1984, US.
So Cow Boris The Spider So Cow Sings! Tic Tac Totally 2935, Ireland.
Tony Burrello There's a New Sound Only in America Arf! 1953, US.
Kenny Owen I Got The Bug Single Poplar 1958, US.
les Dragueurs Treize gonzesses Bob Bicycle 2003, France.
The Monks Drunken Maria Black Monk Time Polydor 1966, US-Germany. After a show in Germany, one attendee attempted to strangle Gary Burger at a show in Hamburg, for perceived blasphemy.
The Blacks sock it to ´em jb I Gotta Go Now Savage 1998, Sweden.
Lost Kids Alle talar Cola Freaks Medley 1979, Denmark.
Lowlife White Lightning Leaders Airout 1979, Canada.
Joe Harnell Hulk Theme (Disco) The Incredible Hulk TV Themes of the '70s 1978, US.
Cookie Monster Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco Sesame Disco Children's Television Workshop 1979, US.
Les Lunours Nous Sommes Bi-bi Ba-ba Boum-boum Freak Out Total Vol 3 Mucho Gusto 1968, Canada.
Yip Yip Martians Yip Yip Martians Sesame Street Children's Television Workshop 1972, US.
Edwina Biglet & The Miglets Thing Glitter From The Litter Bin Castle 1970s, UK.
Bruno Leys Dans la Galaxie Freak Out Total Vol 3 Mucho Gusto 1968, Canada.
The Blue Jeans Moon Mist Single Souvenir 1961, US.
Girls Rocket For Girls Girls In The Garage - vol. 3 Romulan 1960s, US.
Marketettes Out Of Limits Out of Limits! Warner 1963, US.
Bill Carter Baby Brother Single RCA 1959, US.
Ricky Nelson It's Late Billboard Top 100 Of 1959 Decca 1959, US.
Reasons Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop Thai Beat A Go-Go, Vol. 2 Romulan 1960s, Thai.