The Chicken Years

Mr. Mick Mucus



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Tuesday 10/09/2012 @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM
Bob Doldrum I am the way
dan melchoir marys 1+2
cyanamid this is hell
king kong the camel walk
eddy current suppression ring time of day
Spray Paint spock fingers Spock Fingers/Pink Pus SS Records
Hazel's Wart dirt lung Together We Didn't Skrot Up
Cobwebbs Look Out Look Out Anti Fade
Hickey hickeys' divine comedy Various States Of Disrepair-Complete Works 1994-1997 1-2-3-4 GO!
Weird Party bath house Hussy Sex & Death
Dogbreth Blockhead Get Out Anxiety Machine
beatnick termites granola head
Hollow Stars only your love S/T 7-inch Army of Bad Luck
UV Race/Eddy Current Suppression Ring uv outta control kids Live At Missing Link Almost Ready
G. Green Swimsuit Drugs Crap Culture Mt. St. Mtn
Guinea Worms Smiles Columbus Discount
The Guns im not right The Guns Smog Veil/Red Hour
saccirine trust I am right
Surgeons Whip Them Lord Whip Them Lord Total Punk
warm wires women are better than men
Bobby Joe Ebola And The Children MacNuggits Bone Dagger Bone Dagger Sucker Punch