Milk & Money

Elly Stain


Blues, Rock, Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Eclectic

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Tuesday 10/09/2012 @ 6:00AM - 8:00AM
Tony Bennett Until I Met You I Wanna Be Around... Columbia 1963
Julie London A Room With A View Make love To Me Liberty
Stan Getz Ligia The Lyrical Stan Getz CBS 1988
Morgan, Frank Impressions City Nights Highnote
Newman, David "Fathead" Hit The Road Jack I Remember Brother Ray Highnote
Smiley Winters Love Is Enlightenment Smiley Etc. Arhoolie
Tom Scott Way Back When Born Again GRP
Ella Fitzgerald Just When We're Falling In Love All That Jazz Pablo Records 1990
v/a Soulful Drums -- Brother Jack McDuff ft. Joe Dukes Funky Beats Prestige
Russ Garcia Limehouse Blues I'll Never Forget What's Her Name Bethlehem 1978
Wynonie Harris Bad News Baby (There'll Be No Rockin' Tonight) Oh Babe! Route 66
The Nighthawks Before You 'Cuse Me Jacks & Kings "Full House" Adelphi 1979
Bernie Pearl Country Sugar Mama Old School Blues Bee Bump Music
Garolfi, Francesco Diving Duck Blues The Blues I Feel Self
Taj Mahal Frankie and Albert Oooh So Good N' Blues Columbia 1973
Rawls, Johnny It Ain't Nothing But The Truth Live in Montana DSS
Delta Moon Shake Somethin' Loose Goin' Down South Deep Rush
Gang Olsen Jak Tu Nie Wypic Raycowny Rhythm & Blues Taj Mahal Pub Blues
The Bob Riedy Blues Band Haint Just Off Halsted Flying Fish 1974
Lowell Fulson Name of the Game The Ol' Blues Singer Granite 1976