The Cat's Meow

Maggie Cat

Megan of Chicks and Cars subs the Cat's Meow tonight with some Halloween tunes.


Pop, Rock, Electronic, Indie

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Monday 10/22/2012 @ 8:00PM - 9:00PM
Zacherle Zacherle For President Spook Along With Zacherle
Billy Childish & Sexton Ming Living In A Grave
Downliners Sect Now She's Dead
The Masonics Earl of Hell
Downliners Sect I Want My Baby Back
The Headcoat Sect Strychnine Deerstalking Men
The Sonics The Witch
One Way Streets Jack trhe Ripper
Driving Stupid Horror Asparagus Stories Horror Asparagus Stories
The Last Word Sleepy Hollow
The Superfine Dandelion Janie's Tomb
Elyse Weinberg Mortuary Bound Elyse
Kaleidoscope Oh Death Side Trips
Sam Gopal Season of the Witch Elevator
Dr. John I Walk On Guilded Splinters Gris Gris
Zacherle Dinner With Drac Monster Mash
Larry's Rebels Halloween