Noise Loves Audio

Anne Halo

Nats in for Anne Halo tonight. This edition of Noise Loves Audio will showcase psychedelic pop tunes from Flying Nun Records! 



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Saturday 10/27/2012 @ 7:00PM - 9:00PM
The Verlaines Lying In State Hallelujah All The Way Home Homestead/Flying Nun 1989
Tall Dwarfs Sleet That's The Short and Long of it Flying Nun 1985
The Puddle Psych Thing Into The Moon Flying Nun 1992
The Dead C Speed Kills DR 503 Flying Nun 1987
The Chills Dream by Dream The Lost E.P. Flying Nun 1985
The Pin Group Ambivalence Ambivalence Flying Nun/Siltbreeze 1981
Axemen Micks Dance Floor Three Virgins Siltbreeze
The Max Block Black Fish Air Ache in the Belly of the Leech Siltbreeze
Skeptics Rain S/T Flying Nun
Bird Nest Roys Who Is Silliest Rossi Bird Nest Roys Flying Nun 1987
The Clean Getting Older Compilation
Look Blue Go Purple Safety In Crosswords Compilation Flying Nun 1995-1988
3D's First Church Fish Tales Flying Nun 1991
Chris Knox My Dumb Luck Seizure Flying Nun 1988
V/A Sneaky Feelings-Not To Take Sides Time To Go- The Southern Psychedelic Momment Flying Nun 1981-1986
Jean Paul Sarte Experience Flex Love Songs Flying Nun 1986
Alpaca Brothers Zither Legless Flying Nun 1986
Able Tasmans Sour Queen A Cuppa Tea And A Lie Down Flying Nun 1987
The Builders Magazine Let's Play South Indies 1985
The Bats Had To Be You Daddy's Highway Flying Nun 1987
Bailter Space Valve Tanker Flying Nun 1988
Straightjacket Fits She Speeds Life In One Chord Flying Nun 1987
The Subliminals Distance United States Flying Nun 2000
The Gordons Machine Song Future Shock Flying Nun 1980
The Double Happys Anyone Else How Much Time Left, Please? Flying Nun 1990
David Kilgour Tape Machine First Steps & False Alarms Flying Nun
The Great Unwashed Hold Onto The Rail
The Clean ANything Can Happen