Beyond the Stench of Death


 This morning's show will feature a wide assortment of metal spanning the decades. Classic Sab to the present slabs. Stay tuned as I don't even know where I'm going with this.

Metal Bands, send your finest music to KDVS Metal Dept

14 Lower Freeborn Hall

Davis, CA 95616



Heavy Metal and Hard Rock

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Saturday 10/06/2012 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Godless Ecclesiae ludaeorum tota facta est sicut cinis Church Arsonist Rusty Axe
Marduk Serpent Sermon Serpent Sermon Century Media 2012
Bolt Thrower Those Once Loyal Those Once Loyal Metal Blade Delayed Request
Vehemence Christ, I Fucking Hate You God Was Created Metal Blade
Lividity Surrounded By Disgust To Desecrate And Defile EPITOMITE
Corrosion Of Conformity The Doom Corrosion Of Conformity Candlelight 2012
Minenwerfer On Philosophy and War Nihilistischen Christian Annihilation 2012. At On The Y Oct. 12.
Iron Maiden Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Powerslave EMI Vinyl
Killgasm Pissing On Your Cross Bloodbath of Satanic Vengeance UW Records Also at On The Y on 10/12/12
Infinitum Obscure Serenade For Destruction Sub Atris Caelis Deathgasm 2009
Maniac Butcher Projizdka Krutych Hlubokym Za Oucelem Scitani Stavich Vlkuch A Vlkodlakuch Masakr Negative Existence 2011
Deathspell Omega Fiery Serpents Drought Norma Evangelium Diaboli 2012
Exhorder Slaughter In The Vatican Slaughter In The Vatican ROADRACER 1990
Infinitum Obscure Infinite Silence Sub Atris Caelis Deathgasm 2009
Obscuro Greatness Of Evil Where Obscurity Dwells DRAKKAR 2008
Godless Rising Devour The Cross Rising Hatred Pathos
Immortal Rites Dressed In Amazing Red Art Of Devolution Khaosmaster Productions
Dissection Where Dead Angel's Lie Live In Stockholm 2004 Escapi Music 2009 on vinyl
Dissection Retribution- Storm Of the Light's Bane Live In Stockholm 2004 Escapi Music 2009 on vinyl
Nekromantheon Twelve Depths of Hades Rise, Vulcan Spectre Indie Recordings 2012
Anthrax Bring The Noise Attack Of The Killer B's Island 1989
Body Count Cop Killer Body Count Sire 1992
Slaughterbox The Head Table The Ubiquity of Subjugation Amputated Vein Records
the Wizard Pathway Into Darkness Pathway Into Darkness Dust 2012 on vinyl
Grave Perimortem Endless Procession of Souls Century Media 2012
God Dethroned On Fields Of Death & Desolation Under The Sign of the Iron Cross Metal Blade 2010
Masachist Liberation Scorned Selfmadegod Records 2012
The Fucking Wrath Low Brow Terra Fire TEE PEE 2010 on vinyl
Spawn of Possession Where Angels Go Demons Follow Incurso Relapse 2012
Amon Semblance of Man Liar In Wait Self Released 2012
Suicidal Tendencies How Will I Laugh Tomorrow How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Laugh Today Epic 1988
SKELETONWITCH Vengence Will Be Mine Beyond The Permafrost Prosthetic 2007 on vinyl
Liege Lord The Manic's Mask Burn To My Touch Combat 1986 on vinyl
Pseudogod Malignant Spears Deathwomb Catechesis Hells Headbangers 2012
Weedeater Turkey Warlock Jason... the Dragon Southern Lord 2012
Municipal Waste Reposession Waste In Space Nuclear Blast 2012
Sinister Perennial Mourning Cross The Styx Nuclear Blast
Silvara The Path To Ruin The Path To Ruin Repressed 2012
Der Weg Einer Freiheit Lichtmensch Unstille Viva Hate Records 2012
Nashville Pussy You're Going Down Let Them Eat Pussy Noise 1997
Rory Gallagher I Ain't No Saint ABlue Day For The Blues I.R.S. 1995
Rory Gallagher Bought And Sold Notes From San Francisco eagle records 2011