The Living Dead at Davis

KayVee & Doctor Captinn

It's time for some gloom and doom country music.



Psycho Glam

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Sunday 10/21/2012 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Slackeye Slim Evil Eye Texas Pleaser Farmageddon Records 2007
Ghoultown Drink With The Living Dead Life After Sundown Zoviet Records 2008
Angry Johnny and The Killbillies A Love More True What's So Funny? Pete's Pig Parts Records 1998
Myssouri Devil On My Shoulder Furnace Songs Myssouri Records 2001
Reverend Glasseye Black River Falls Black River Falls Coo-Coo Bird Records 2003
The Hackensaw Boys Gypsy Keep It Simple Valley Entertainment Records 2002
Justin Cross Drink The Water Listening to Ghosts Tate Music Group 2010
Sons of Perdition Blood in the Valley The Kingdom is on Fire Gravewax Records 2007
Those Poor Bastards Drown in the River Songs of Desperation Gravewax Records 2005
The Dead Brothers How Deep Is The Water Day of The Dead Voodoo Rhythm Records 2008
The Builders and The Butchers Bringin' Home The Rain The Builders and the Butchers Bladen County Records 2008
Strawfoot Wayfarin' Stranger Chasing Locusts Vicious Books Media 2007
Pine Box Boys Beauty in Her Face Arkansas Killing Time Hi Horse Recrods 2007
Candye Kane Walkin', Talkin' Haunted House Sister Vagabond Delta Groove Music 2011
Apache Dropout Ghost Stories Bubblegum Graveyard Trouble In Mind Records 2012
Creech Holler Devil's Eyes Shovel and the Gun Bucket City Records 2008
Highlonesome Devil at the Door In Life We Can't Be Free Farmageddon Records 2009
Strawfoot Funeral March How We Prospered Vicious Books Media 2009
Lonesome Wyatt and The Holy Spooks The Haunt of You Moldy Basement Tapes Tribulation Recording Company 2010
Sons of Perdition Anhelo The Kingdom is on Fire Gravewax Records 2007
Those Poor Bastards No One Satan is Watching Tribulation Recording Company 2008
Uncle Sinner Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow Ballads And Mental Breakdowns Devil's Ruin Records 2008
Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir Oh Sorrow Fighting and Onions S.A.P. Recordings 2006
Hank Ray Trail of Dark Desires Barbeque of Souls Devil's Ruin Records 2008
Christian Williams Red For My Mind, It Was Flying Lonely Ghost Records 2006