He hates music, he loves noise

Robin Redbeast

We're standing on the edge... the edge of what's suitable for radio, and the edge of time.


Skunch, Not-Music, Rock, golden oldies.

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Friday 10/05/2012 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Pussy Galore Cunt Tease Groovy Hate Fuck
MDC Dead Cops Millions of Dead Cops Boner
Fang Destroy the Handicapped Landshark! Boner
Killdozer Hamburger Martyr Burl
Dayglo Abortions I'm my own god Feed us a Fetus
G.G. Allin Drink Fight and Fuck Live Carolina in my Ass
Men's Recovery Project All Music is Shit to God (Fuck You Remix) Frank Talk about Humans Vinyl Communications
Coil The Anal Staircase Rotovator Relativity
Brainbombs Anne Frank 7" This guy hates reading
Butthole Surfers Clean it Up Independent worm saloon big label
Throbbing Gristle Persuasion 20 Jazz Funk Greats
Tampax 115/220 (and some others) Sorry not Tonight Attack Junk Records "The Very Best of our Famous Big Hits Vol. III 1978-88"
Wesley Willis Shit and Fuck Rush Hour
Scratch Acid Moron's Moron Berserker T&G
Bunny Brains How am I supposed to tell you I love you (when your dick's stuffed in my mouth) sin gulls (goring st.eddy) 1988-1998
Lubricated Goat Jason the Unpopular Lubricated Goat Plays the Devil's music
Nomeansno Big Dick Wrong
Turbonegro Hobbit Motherfuckers Ass Cobra
Plasmatics A pig is a pig Beyond the Valley of 1984 Stiff!
Boss Hog Not Guilty Action Box AmRep
Trashies Nude Beach Trashies
Victor From Washington Heights/WNYC's Beats In Space Victor's show reviews The Beats in Space Hotline Message Machine http://soundcloud.com/timsweeney/sets/victor-from-washington-heights/ Thank you Chad, the Internet, and of course Tim Sweeney, and VIctor from washington heights