The Chicken Years

Mr. Mick Mucus

CHICKEN YEARS MY BIRTHDAY SHOW oh twelve. As I creep closer to the dreaded age of 15,I'm wondering what lies in store for me in my (hopefully) next TWO HOURS of is fleeting you can call, share a recipe, tells us what you had for dinner, make a request or even wish me a happy birthday!!!!

530 752 2777

The chicken years radio progran...."I'ts like a soup you can eat or put in your cars gas tank to help maitain fuel injector cleanliness"-Fred Sanford



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Tuesday 10/02/2012 @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM
buddah collection mr. potatoman
screaming mee mees disco for drunks
Bruce Cole st louis sucks Oh, Lou Lost The Elvis Tapes! Rerun
Wide load and rad boys roll daddy roll bone brigade video tunes
ballistics naugahyde flexidisc ep mighty stegasauras
the Plugz let go hella old version
los pukes 1234
john otway beware of the flowers (cuz I'm sure they're gonna get you yeah!)
vandals hocus pocus
schlong arsurfing essential schlong
setimbre once la guerra
los rezios ellos nos odian
hit me back
B.P.A. Leroy
home blitz different touch
the buns antimatter
Poppets Filling in The Pie Self-Titled Plastic Idol
Beat Beat Invaders Beat Beat Bachelor Records
Bizarros seeing is believing Complete Collection 1976-1980 Windian Records
Death The Storm Within Spiritual-Mental-Physical Drag City
Icarus Fantastic Four The The Marvel World of Icarus Acme
aeropajitas el fantasma
abra kadaver un dia mas