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Monday 10/01/2012 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Spirit Looking Into Darkness Son of Spirit Mercury
The Dead Milkmen Methodist Coloring Book Metaphysical Graffiti Enigma
Offs Zero degrees Everyone's a Bigot w/ Zero degrees 415
Nu. Este If You Want It From this side of the Window b/w If You Want It Intese Intents
T.V Babies Monster of Love/ Lady Rock High Contrast EP Pookytunes
Notes Love Gets Lost Rough School Year b/w Love Gets Lost Sound Interesting
Really Red Too Political/ Bored with Apathy Teaching you the Fear Sheperd Wong
Breakouts Junkies/ Teeth in the Gears No More Accelerator
N.O.T.A Take Away Your Rights/ Moscow Moscow EP Unclean
Code of Honor Dolls Under Control/ Girls Like You Dolls Under Control Sick Pleasure
Varukers Don't Conform/ Don't Wanna Be a Victim Still Bollox But Still Here We Bite
Yellow Plastic Bucket Just Got Back Just Got Back Masterstaff Entertainment Group
B.G.K Soylent Green/ Tout Les FLies Jonestown Aloha Radical
Vatican Commandos D.W.I/ What Can You Do? Point Me to the End PN
Enola Gay Lies & Protest/ Suffocation Coche Bomba/ Enola Gay Miserecords
Post Mortem Concealed/ It Was Just a Thought Corners Office Remaissance
Spiral Jetty Baltimore/ Andy's Attic Tour of Homes Incas
Nurses Hearts Hearts b/w Cardiac Arrest Round Raoul
Real Numbers Loreen/ Boats & Cars Real Numbers Three Demensional
Hippy Dribble Motels on My Mind Wild Strawberri Trip- Oi
Moviola Gin & Tonic Waste b/w Gin & Tonic Mind Walk
Deluxx Eskimo Lover Marshmallow Eskimo Lover 18 Wheeler
Some Velvet Sidewalk Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Patch K
Yellow No. Five Mudlance Preassure Mudlance Presssure Red Eye Growler
Ortro Mundo All In Time/ Midnight Oil Burner Jellied Ascetic House