Fever Dreams


FEVER DREAM XII: Memories, Melodies, and Static

A Day is replaced by a day, a year is replaced by a year.

To us, the setting sun is just a bright streak across the flickering sky. We've lost track of time and, now we make our own. Do you ever remember having a moment where time seemed to stand still? Then you have been close to us, close enough to hear the static we leave in our wake. 

Trip-Hop, Jazz, Indie Pop, Lo-Fi, Electronic


Eclectic, Indie, Electronic, Funk, Downtempo, New Wave, Alt-Rock

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Thursday 9/27/2012 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
Groove Collective Forgotten Travellers
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Round & Round Before Today 4AD 2010
Black Moth Super Rainbow Lake Feet Falling Through a FIeld Graveface Recordings 2003
Romantic Moog This Guys in Love
Unknown Mortal Orchestra Swim and Sleep ( Like a Shark) 2012
Jimpster Infinity Dub Freerange Records 2011
Alice Cohen Dead Leaves in Milk Glass Pink Keys Olde English Spelling Bee/Crinoline 2012
R. Stevie Moore Melbourne Phonography HP Music, Sundazed Music 1978
Boards of Canada Oirectine Twoism 1995
Spirit Spine Ocean of Sand Glossolallia Lovegiraffe Records 2011
Diplo Summer's Gonna Hurt You Florida Big Dada REcordings 2004
Joe Meek & The Blue Men Love Dance of the Saroos I Hear a New World Triumph 1960
Pillars of Creation Funk
Chateau Flight Discobole 1997
Sweet People Lake Como Polydor 1977
Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti The Drummer Worn Copy 2003
Ladytron Disco Traxx 304 2001
Diplo Sarah Florida Big Dada Recordings 2004
The Caretaker When the Dog Days Were Drawing to an End
Black Moth Super Rainbow Last House in the Enchanted Forest Falling Through a Field
Bruce Haack Incarnation The Electric Lucifer 1970
The Pillars of Creation Glide
The The Perfect Epic 1983
Röyksopp ‎ Röyksopp 's Night Out Melody A.M Wall of Sound 2001
Emerson Lake and Palmer Karn Evil 9 Brain Salad Surgery Manticore Records 1973