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Thursday 9/27/2012 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
National Lampoon Save the Whales Greatest Hits Visa
National Lampoon Colorado Greatest Hits Visa
Howard Zinn The Founding Fathers A people's History AK Press
Billy Connolly President of America
Maria Bamford
the band i shall be released
Aziz Ansari Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening Comedy Central
Cozy Sugar on my mind Cola Shock Kids HoZac
Doug Benson Doggie Professional Humoredian Self Released
Swahili Blonde Man Meat Neurotic Yell Records
Rubber City Rebels pierce my brain Pierce My Brain Smog Veil
Eugene Mirman Swearing in Russian En Garde, Society! Sub Pop
Malditos burning eyes S/T Alchemy Coffin
Lewis Black Nipple Clamps Live at Burbank Self Released
The Funkees ole Dancing Time Soundway Records
Daft Punk Flynn Lives Tron Legacy Soundtrack Walt Disney Records
Terrified of Technology
Life According to Jimmy Shit Frat Guys Say
Chris Distefano The Jersey Shore
Mark Normand Blue Balls
Steve Trevino Midnight Pancakes
Kevin Avery Thug Dating
David Gee Jack Nicholson Impression
Kevin Nealon Crop Dusting Jack Nicholson
Aries Spears Obama
Reggie Jr. Gangland
Fahim Anwar Robot and Family
Judah Friedlander
Bob Dylan Don't think twice, it alright