Raise the Dead

The Blasphemer


US Radio Premiere of new track from Posthum

then all 7"s from the personal collection



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Saturday 9/15/2012 @ 12:00AM - 3:00AM
Posthum Red Lights Out Indie US Radio Premiere
Urgehal Beyond The Nightmare Death Is Complete Folter 7"
Typhus We Rape The Cunt Of The Virgin Mary Split with Crowned In Semen Dark Horizon 7"
Valdur Demon Wisdom Valdur Bloody Mountain 7"
Sargeist The Crown of Burning Stars The Dark Embrace Moribund 7"
Sarkom Hallucinating the Superior Psychologist Exit Terra Folter 7"
The Stone Pagan Land Serbian Woods Zero Budget Productions 7"
Vulture Lord Awakening the Warhorde Blasphemy Agonia 7"
Taake Lamb A Norwegian Hail To VON Holycaust 7"
Hin Onde 24th of September 1155 Fiery September Fire Aftermath Music 7"
Marduk Hearse Hearse Blooddawn 7"
Behemoth Sarcofago Antichristian Phenomenon Avartgarde 7"
Faustcoven Ritual Evil Cultes, Covens, Sinister Rites Iron Tyrant 7"
Defuntos Feridas Que Nunca Saram Os Suplícios de uma Triste Lembrança Necromancer Records 7"
Silva Nigra Anno 863 Unholy Black Metal Eclipse Productions 7"
Blodarv Langt væk fra Livet... Beyond Life Breath Of Pestilence 7"
Beastcraft Celebration of Christ's Death/Resurrection Through Desecration And Churchfires Celebration of Christ's Death Temple Of Darkness 7"
Koldbrann Fredløs split with Lja Aftermath 7"
Orcustus Grin Of Deceit Wrathrash Southern Lord Recordings 7"
Unholy Goatfucker Behold the Black Prophet split with Hellhunter Buried In Hell 7"
Enshadowed Windfalls Of Master Fear The Epitome of Neverending Evil Necromancer Records 7"
Crowned In Semen And The Black Cum Shall Spill Forth split with Typhus Dark Horizon 7"
Infernal Stronghold Excuse All the Blood/They Let Their Guard Down/Panzer Maniak Pests Bullshit Propaganda 7"
Fuck You All I/II Fuck You All Neseblod 7"
Abrupt Natural Selection/My Crematorium My Crematorium Burn Bridges Records 7"
Internal Rot Eyelids Internal Rot 625 7"
Orcrist Black Destroyer Celebration of Christ's Death Temple Of Darkness 7"
Cultes des Goules Fay ce que Vouldras Cultes, Covens, Sinister Rites Iron Tyrant 7"
Lja Skamslaadte Engler split with Koldbrann Aftermath 7"
Norwegian Evil Satanic Blood A Norwegian Hail To VON Holycaust 7"
Wormwood Reversal of Fortune Wormwood Arm Records 7"
Saint Vitus Saint Vitus Born Too Late Volcom 7"
Killgasm Aborted With A Chainsaw Crippler Buried In Hell 7"