Raise the Dead

The Blasphemer

tonight will be a total trainwreck...



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Saturday 8/25/2012 @ 12:00AM - 3:00AM
1349 Celestial Deconstruction Hellfire Candlelight usa
Belphegor Seyn Todt In Schwartz Pestapokalypse VI Nuclear Blast
Marduk With Satan And Victorious Weapons World Funeral Regain
Mor Dagor Fistfucked In Paradise Necropedophilia Twilight-Vertrieb
Goatwhore Lair Of Nastrond The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black Rotten
Behemoth Slaves Shall Serve Slaves Shall Serve Century Media
Beastcraft Recrucifixion Into the Burning Pits Of Hell Black Seed Productions
Carpathian Forest Skjend Hans Lik Defending The Throne Of Evil Season Of Mist
Natassievila Beyond Earthly Life Iter Lethalis Dark Horizon
Carrion Wrath Through The Woods Of Wraiths And Gloom Carrion Wrath Ars Magna
Naer Mataron Arrival Of The Caesar Discipline Manifesto Black Lotus
Bathory In Conspiracy With Satan Bathory Black Mark
Moonblood Then Came The Silence Supreme Black Force Of German Steel End All Life
Beherit Axiom Heroine Engram Spinefarm
Dawn Of Division Shout of the Moment Awaiting The Dawn/Outrage Of Desolation Divinity
Naglfar None Shall Be Spared Pariah Century Media
MZ-412 Feasting On Khristian Blood Burning The Temple Of God Cold Meat Industry
Darkthrone Circle The Wagons Circle The Wagons Peaceville
Kvelertak Ulvetid Kvelertak The End
Leviathan Lycanthropus Rex Howl Mockery At The Cross Moribund
Moloch Through Halo Of Fire Brands Depression Of Surtr BlackMetal.com
Endless Blizzard Telepathic Rites Remember Your Death Blackmetal.Com
Krohm Bleak Shores The Haunting Presence Moribund
Belial The Invocation The Gods Of The Pit II Moribund
Faustcoven Onward To The Bloodfields Rising From Below The Earth Barbarian Wrath
Lightning Swords Of Death/Valdur Paths To Chaos Split EP Bloody Mountain
Dodsferd Suicide And The Rest Of Your Kind Will Follow Suicide And The Rest Of Your Kind Will Follow Moribund