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DJ Rick

This is what it sounds like when I barely got here in time! a/k/a randomness



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Monday 12/19/2011 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Sweet Tommy Band Space Station Control The World of Science 2x7-inch New Beatniks 1981
Sweet Tommy Band Beatniks
Sros Lords The End Evil Spawn b/w The End Urinal Cake
Johnny ILL Band It's the Future Ask All the Doctors Urinal Cake
The Knocks Traffic Jam v/a: Chloroform Mangrove 1996
Fifi & the Mach III Chu Chu Li'l Baby split 7-inch w/ Bum 1+2 1994
Tonight Animal Call 1978 7-inch Freaked Out Frequencies 1998
The Heck I Need It The Heck R.I.P.S. 7-inch Rebelabel 1998
Supersnazz Uncle Wiggly Uncle Wiggly 7-inch Get Hip 1995
Sunshine Super Scum Native Son, Rising Star Two Reactions 7-inch Siltbreeze 1997
Church Police Gourmet Cooking Gilligan's Wings Skulltones 2007 (orig 1982)
Church Police The Oven is My Friend v/a: Not So Quiet on the Western Front Alternative Tentacles 1982
Culturcide The Heart of R'N'R (is the Profit) Tacky Souvenirs of Pre-Revolutionary America no label 1986
Evolution Control Committee Stairway to Royalties v/a: Noise Kills Punk Dead Opulence! 1999
Cyborg Tom's Jones
Brutum Fulmen Quartet for Plastic Toy Horns
Culturcide Nothing / Plague/Disco Year One C.I.A. 1982
Shockheaded Peters Blue Rosebuds [Residents] v/a: Devastate to Liberate Yangki 1985
Mountains and Rainbows Indian Knock Me Out b/w Indian Cass 2007
The Lost Domain Indian War Whoop II Blondes Chew More Gum Negative Guest List (orig 1995)
Demo-Moe Unlimited Capacities Demolish NYC Maldoror 1988
Cheater Slicks Bruno's Night Out Guttural: Live 2010 Columbus Discount
Cheater Slicks My Position on Nothingness Guttural: Live 2010 Columbus Discount
Primevils Whipping Tree Chicken Factory Greasy Pop 1987
The Lizard Train When the Acid Drops Thirteen Hour Daydream 12-inch EP Greasy Pop 1986
Exploding White Mice Dangerous A Nest of Vipers Greasy Pop 1985
Screaming Believers Faith Communist Mutants from Space Greasy Pop 1985
Gargoyle Sox Succubus As the Master Sleeps... Manster 1985
Gargoyle Sox Evil Exhibition As the Master Sleeps... Manster 1985
Gargoyle Sox Carnivore Headless Horseman Manster 1986
For Against Autocrat Echelons Independent Project 1987
Mad 3 King Pyramid Jack the Violence Time Bomb 1996
Magnetix Comme des Betes Drogue Electrique Slovenly