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Monday 12/12/2011 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
The Flesh Lights Waves Bummer Bitch split 7-inch w/ Naw Dude 12XU *new
The Pizzas We Don't Hafta Do Anything Anymore 7-inch Sacrament/Phono Select *new
OBN IIIs If the Shit Fits The One And Only Tic Tac Totally *new
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Boy, Can I Dance Good [The Pagans] So Many Things Goner Records
Heavy Times Erase the Sun Jacker HoZac
Glitter Wizard Sacrifice Solar Hits Archers Guild
Nothing People Commit Smells Like Metal Captcha
Nothing People Compromised Smells Like Metal Captcha
Ga'an Arms They Speak Black Equus Captcha
Point Line Plane Deep C s/t Xeroid 2003
Bronze Wits The Rouge Became World Famous in SF 2011
Zurich 1916 Sugar Sugar v/a: Life is Beautiful...So Why Not Eat Health Foods? New Underground 1983
Robert Derby Dancin' I'm Normal Cachalot 1980
The R's Hanging on the Cross Monopolylogic High Fiderlity 7-inch Quanta 1979
Norman Salant Accidents (Club Version) Accidents 7-inch Alive 1981
The Deadbeats Brainless Kill the Hippies 7-inch Dangerhouse 1979
The Plebs Payday Life is Ugly...So Why Not Kill Yourself? New Underground 1982
BPeople M.P.C.D. You at Eight 7-inch I.R.S. 1981
Jungle Nausea Uniform self-titled 12-inch Inner Mystique 1982
Norman Salant Sax Talk Sax Talk C.D. Presents 1984
Richard Bone The Quantum Hop v/a: Survival...Mind & Matter/Megamix Survival 1983
Drinking Electricity Breakout
Balaclavas Wrong Side of the Bars Snake People Dull Knife
Contrepoison ...Until Next Morning Until Next Morning Avant!
Xeno & Oaklander Corrupt Sets & Lights Wierd
Scraps Cave Classic Shits Bedroom Suck
Mattress Bad Times Eldorado Malt Duck
Young Gods Did You Miss Me? self-titled Wax Trax 1987
Young Gods Long Route L'Eau Rouge - Red Water Play It Again Sam 1989
Foetus Corruptus Slut/Prayer for My Death Rife Rifle 1988