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DJ Rick

The Aussie Invasion's 4th strike this Sept/Oct is Deaf Wish from Melbourne. They were flat out THEE BEST band I saw at Gonerfest 8 in Memphis this year. We got 'em playing at house-show at "The Boiz House". Ladies are welcome, too, at 3644 1st Avenue in Sacramento CA 95817. This tees off Saturday at 8pm sharp and also features Babs Johnson Gang and Darling Chemicalia. Deaf Wish just might be the best band on the planet today.Seriously, have a look at this!!!



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Monday 10/03/2011 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Yonkers, Michael Band Smile Awhile Microminiature Love Sub Pop (orig 1968)
Various Artists Reptile Ranch - (Don't Give the) Lifeguard (a Second Chance) Messthetics #104: D.I.Y. 77 - 81 South Wales I Hyped 2 Death (orig 1979)
Ame Son Seventh Time Key Catalyse BYG 1970
Meah!// Phantom Family Halo Phantom Family Halo - Hurricane Fighter Plane [Red Crayola] Meah!// Phantom Family Halo Sophomore Lounge
Fat History Month Nature Fucking Despair Sophomore Lounge
Gapeseed Dusty Trophy Project 64 Silver Girl 1997
Michael Beach Straight Spines Mountains + Valleys CS Spectacular Commodity *forthcoming
Deaf Wish Freeze the Sound Deaf Wish Radio Records Melbourne (orig 2007)
Deaf Wish Mean to Me Reality & Visions Idget Child 2009
Deaf Wish Song for Aleesha Mercy Radio Records Melbourne 2010
Deaf Wish D.E.A.F. Mercy Radio Records Melbourne live @ Boiz House, Sat 10/8 (3644 1st Ave, Sacto 95817) 8pm start!
Kitchen's Floor Every Day Look Forward To Nothing Siltbreeze
Watery Love Leave Me Alone [Lou Reed] Die With Dignity b/w Leave Me Alone Siltbreeze
Psandwich Something to Prove Northern Psych Columbus Discount
Hiroshima Rocks Around/Fuzz Orchestra HRA - Catfish from Hysteria Split Escape From Today/Brigadisco
Drainolith You Paid for It Drainolith Psychic Handshake
Stare Case Don't Get Caught Lose Today De Stijl
Many Mental Mistakes CCC Trois Many Mental
Various Artists Trouble VS Glue - Slap by Slap Borgata Boredom No = FI
Various Artists Maximillian 1 deg - H Each H Borgata Boredom No = FI
Social Climbers Domestic Social Climbers Drag City/Yoga Records (orig 1981)
Amoebas in Chaos Fantasy On to Mayday Hardly Music 1982
Blue Oyster Cult Screams/She's as Beautiful as a Foot self-titled Columbia 1972
Andrea Mingardi Supercircus Pus v/a: Killed by Death #201 - D'Italia Redrum (orig 1978)
Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias Gobbin' on Life Snuff Rock 7-inch Stiff 1977
Spizzenergi Amnesia Where's Captain Kirk 7-inch Rough Trade 1979
The Offs Johnny Too Bad Johnny Too Bad 7-inch Crack in the World 1978
Doomed on Planet Earth Mercenaries Mercenaries 7-inch BTCP 1982
Doomed on Planet Earth Heart Attack
Labial Fricative Auto/Erotica Chumps 7-inch Esoteric 1980
Disturbed Furniture Information Information 7-inch Disturbed Music 1981