The Rebel Kind

Scott Soriano



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Tuesday 9/27/2011 @ 11:00PM - 12:00AM
Plum Run Little Miss Inside Avco Embassy
Ronnie Self Ain't I'm A Dog Columbia
Lynette West If She Doesn't Want You Josie
Renfro & Jackson Elephant Game GSP
Phil Gordon Good Mornin Judge Riviera
Group Therapy Bad News Canterbury
Hoyt Axton with the Chamber Brothers Greenback Dollar Horizon
The Paradons I Want Love Milestone
Bobby Straker Leave Marriage Alone Hunt
Orchestre African Fiesta Linga Mbala Moko Vita
Ralph Sharon The Night Prowler Duchess
The Stratfords Never Leave Me O'Dell
The Spiders How Could I Fall In Love Philips
Tin Tin Toast & Marmalade for Tea Atco
John Roberts I'll Forget You Duke
Victory Five of Sacramento John Gospel Corner
Eddie Curtis The Louisville Lip Raftis
The Burner - Lee Austin Real Woman People