Raise The Dead

The Blasphemer & Scarecrow

welcome to the Rapture show!!!

Blasphemer playing all 7"s from the personal collection



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Saturday 5/21/2011 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Typhus We Rape The Cunt Of TheVirgin Mary Split W/ Crowned In Semen Dark Horizon 7"
Sargeist The Crown Of Burning Stars The Dark Embrace Moribund 7"
Marduk Slay The Nazarene Slay The Nazarene Warlord 7"
Vulture Lord Awakening The Warhorde Blasphemy Agonia 7"
Infernal Stronghold Excuse All The Blood Split With Gatt Bullshit Propaganda 7"
Urgehal Demonrape Demonrape Agonia 7"
Faustcoven Ritual Evil Split With Cultes De Goules Iron Tyrant 7"
Behemoth Malice Antichristian Phenomenon Avantgarde 7"
Lja Skamslaadte Engler Split with Koldbrann Aftermath 7"
Taake Lamb A Norwegian Hail To Von Holycaust 7"
Norwegian Evil Satanic Blood A Norwegian Hail To Von Holycaust 7"
Unholy Goatfucker Behold The Black Prophet Split with Hellhunter Buried In Hell 7"
Defuntos Feridas Que Nunca Saram Os Suplicios De Uma Triste Lembranca Necromancer 7"
Saint Vitus Born To Late Born To Late Volcom 7"
Fuck You All I/II Fuck You All Neseblod 7"
Vickers Prowler Roots Of Aggression MCR 7"
Orcustus Wrathrash Wrathrash Southern Lord 7"
Enshadowed Windfalls Of Master Fear The Epitome Of Neverending Evil Necromancer 7"
Koldbrann Fredlos Split with Lja Aftermath 7"