Middle School Friends

Alonely & Brotha Time

Some Satanic and Non-satanic tracks. Wait thats all music. Electronic freakout from hell and crispy chicken tube drones, left over meat is for pot pies, not this show.


Metal, Noise, Experimental

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Monday 5/10/2010 @ 6:00PM - 7:30PM
Atlatl needy Trunks, Pine pzlon Vent Cloaca (Just Tube Electronics) Just Tube Electronics
World Now Is Forever self-titled Marriage Records
Arcane Device Penetrating Black ICe Split with PGR Silent Records
Ultra Dirty Blonde Whore Zoll Dom US Lp (1989) 1989
Universal Indians Sloth Nest S/t (One whole Side)
Andreas Ammer Canto 6- Fm Einheit Radio Inferno Our Choice (dante's inferno in italian)
Pornosect White Boy Of VibrationsResonances and Divine things The Produkt Korps
Catastrophic Mermaids on Parade lonely eyes of amnesia S/T URCKarm Recordings
Zashiki-Warashi Greg Wildes "Sharecrops" Mail Wars Conduit Creations Records
Worldwide Computer God Tacos and Hell Kennedy's Curse Self
Anntenna Farm SW2Xg3 / Scramble Early Mess Phthalo
Blessed Oblivion Darkest Skies S/t
Uske Orchestra Un Tintamarre Bleu Niko Et La Berlue Sonig
Yuma Nora Lake Drowning Jewels in the Snakepit Not Not Fun
BP. Service Szabo GyOrgy Deep Signals Tone Caualities