Reporting Staff

2013-14 KDVS News staff positions
News Director: Adrian Glass-Moore
Assistant News Director: Kristine Lee

Winter 2014 Reporters

Sherry Zhu
Major: Economics
Year: Junior
Interests: Running, singing










Mark de Dios
Mark de Dios is a fourth year Japanese and Sociocultural Anthropology double major who likes long walks on the beach without the use of limbs. He’s also deathly allergic to water, so should he “long walk” on the beach, it’s of great importance that he stay at least 45 feet away from the ocean. Additional interests include peanuts, money,and T.V. serials with character death.





Julie Ngo
Major: Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior
Year: Fourth Year
Interests: Yelping, amateur sketching, eating multicultural foods, and travelling.









Mason Mara-Randazzo
Howdy, I’m Mason Mara-Randazzo. I’m a third-year transfer student currently pursuing a major Economics. Apart from volunteering with KDVS, I enjoy looking at trees, reading philosophy and listening to Shpongle.








Delaney McCune
Major: Communications with minor in Economics
Year: 2nd Year
Interests: Music and Entertainment, Public Relations and Broadcasting









Alison Lany
Major: Communications
Year: 1st Year









Misha Berman
me smiling with a ponytail
My name is Misha Berman. I am a senior who is currently majoring in Sociology. My interests are social issues, nutrition, working out and hanging out with friends.





Joseph Bustos
pic for kdvs
My name is Joseph Bustos and I’m a 4th year English Major with a minor in writing. My interests are sports, video games, TV and movies, writing, hanging out with my friends, and wasting a lot of time on the internet.








Keely Morris
I’m a third year majoring in History with a minor in Writing. My interests include backpacking, longboarding, watching old movies, and running.










Camellia Gregorian