New economics textbook

2009 bookstack 2
Professor Alan M Taylor is a famous expert in macroeconomics, the textbook he wrote is widely used in teaching. As the newest edition of the textbook is coming a few weeks later, he shared stories when he wrote the textbook. Sherry Zhu reports. Aired 2/25.

ASUCD elections results

The Aggie’s $3.88 fee per quarter passed, and Armando Figueroa was elected student body President. Delaney McCune brings you the results of the ASUCD Winter elections. Aired 2/24.

Zombie bees researched

Dr. John Hafernik, Professor at San Francisco State University, has been researching the phenomena of “Zombie Bees”. He discusses his research involving certain species of flies taking over the bodies of bees. Recent research has mentioned that “Zombie Bees” have been found in USA for the first time. Julie Ngo reports. Aired 2/20.

Bayanihan Clinic

Student run clinics are some of the most helpful volunteer organizations at UC Davis. One of these clinics, called The Bayanihan clinic, specifically caters to Filipino World War II veterans but has broadened their horizons in recent years. Joseph Bustos sits down with two members of the clinic to get their take on the changes and the state of the organization. Aired 2/17.


On February 10, 2014, ASUCD president Carly Sandstrom sits solemnly in an empty room across from the bookstore, attracting the attention and stares of many a passersby. This stunt, however, has been decided and planned since her entry into office. Reporter Mark de Dios interviews the president hours into her interview. Aired 2/14.

100th Picnic Day Preview

The 100th annual Picnic Day will be held April 12, 2014, and planning for this event has already begun. Julie Ngo interviews board members of Picnic Day to elaborate further on what this event is all about. Aired 2/12.

Enrique Interviews UCD Police on Stages

Have you ever wondered what role the UC Davis Police Department plays in our community? Well, you're in for a special treat, because this week on Stages Enrique sits down with Chief of Police Matthew Carmichael and two veteran officers, Ray Holguin and Timothy Hunter. Together, we find out what advances the police department experienced...

Valentines Day at KDVS

Not celebrating Valentine's Day?  That's a shame, but don't let history repeat itself!  UC Davis Law students DJ Murphy and Holly McMannes recap their romance on "Conrad's Corner" and reveal how you can find your special someone in time for Valentine's Day 2015! Click Here for the clip....