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Carry the Weight Protest at UC Davis

Carry the Weight Protest at UC Davis which took place on October 29th, 2014. Protest addressed the epidemic of sexual assault and rape epidemic on college campuses nationwide. Protest was sparked by Emma Sulkowicz, a senior at Columbia University who carried a mattress around campus as a performance piece to bring awareness to the way...

What is a Vulva?

Students on UC Davis campus were asked questions about the vulva and asked to point out the location of this part was on a visual aid. Caitlin Flaws reports. Aired October 28th 2014.

For more information on Sexual Health Services on campus, feel free to click here: healthcenter.ucdavis.edu/hep/sh/

11/3 Monday Segment

Our Nov 3rd Monday News Segment covered Bill Clinton's rally speech and visit to UC Davis campus. Other topics on this broadcast also include sororities' decisions to party or not to party. News Reporters, Mark de Dios and Caitlin Flaws, bring you this broadcast. ...

10/27 Monday Segment

On our Monday news segment, we covered topics such as "Drunken Monkey" research, sexual violence in the UC system, the Heroes Run, and olive oil research. For more resources on sexual violence, feel free to check out: sahelp.ucdavis.edu...

Monday News Broadcast

This week's brIMG_5606oadcast includes: A cover of the UC Davis Primate Center protest, an interview with the newly appointed Vice Chancellor of Finance and Resource Management, as well as, an interview with the co-founder, Floriana Frassetto, of the visual theatre company Mummenschanz Listen to it here: Monday News...

First Monday News Broadcast of the year!


On Monday, October 13th the first Fall Quarter KDVS News Broadcast was aired (4:30pm PST).

It included:

A piece on the Ebola outbreak: with the rising epidemic of the Ebola disease, KDVS talked to two experts on infectious diseases. how probable...

KDVS News and Public Affairs and Third Space Art Collective

Did you hear? The KDVS News and Public Affairs Directors teamed up with Third Space Art Collective to screen print some mad KDVS Fundraiser 2014 shirts! If you bought one, you're a lucky duck. These were made out of love for also those Newsies/Public Affairsiesout there. DSCN3381

Student mobilizes against devastating California drought

droughtKeely Morris speaks with a student about the unprecedented California drought and what can be done to mitigate it. Aired 3/6.

The people behind the clipboard

voting_lgWhat is it like to walk around with a clipboard and solicit money and time from students? Mark de Dios is on a mission to find out. Aired 3/5.

The Quarter system

fall_curriculum_2011Camellia Gregorian interviews students to see what they think about UC Davis’s quarter system. Aired 3/4.