Spring Mix!

Spring is here! The sun is shining, allergies are in full force, and Molly Raney (also known as Poppet) has put together an awesome playlist for y'all!  Throw on your shades and turn up the volume on this upbeat mix.

Email kdvspublicity@gmail.com for a free download of the mix!

Zoom Lens Ultimate Interview

yukiko_shirt We had an opportunity to talk with several artists from Zoom Lens. Described as "humanity across the digital divide", Zoom Lens is a collective of several musicians with a "digital punk rock spirit". Although the label isn't limited to a particular genre, they have been...

Surf Club and Yung STKTN

surf curse In this two-parter interview, we talked with Frankie and Marcos from the dream pop project Surf Club. They are currently on tour with Weekend and Cities Aviv, and playing a show at Harlow's in Sacramento March 23rd (21+ only). For the second part of...

Music That Deserves Your Attention

By: Meagan Faller

So we’re all trying to find the most obscure band. Due to their accessibility over social media, we are forced wade through endless recommendations of this lo-fi punk duo and that garage-recorded indie artist. I did the hard research for you, and compiled a list of low-budget bands that are relatively novel,...

The Playlist That Would Have Been


By: Hannah Strumwasser

On Friday I took a somewhat spontaneous road trip to L.A. with my good friend DJ Mollcatz. Ok, she's not actually a DJ, but if she was, that would definitely be her DJ name. We managed not to die on...

Chatting it up with Genuis

genuis We got a chance to catch up with electronic music act Genuis. After playing a string of shows, including opening for Au Revoir Simone and performing at the KDVS 50th Anniversary, Genuis is in the process of producing records, album art, and music videos for their album...

Interview with Jackie Trash

DSCN0335 We caught up with Jackie Trash, Linus Taylor's lo-fi pop / ambient musical endeavor, to talk about the latest album, skateboarding, and other rad things.   Who are you, where are you from? Linus Taylor a.k.a Jackie Trash from Canada. Jackie Trash sometimes consists of only me, sometimes of other...

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Mixes

"Don't be a Valentines creep. Play these indie, lo-fi, and rock love beats for your sweet" By: DJ Handsome Atom
(Listen to the mix here!)
 Track: Artist: Album: Label 1. Dream About Me: The...

A Chat with ex-Washington Post Reporter Jeff Morley

jeff morley Author and former Washington Post reporter Jefferson Morley has for many years looked into some of the strange events that surround accused Presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Jeff Morley is currently the moderator of the excellent website JFKfacts.org. We wanted to talk about the JFK assassination...

Catching up with Dogbreth

An Interview with Tristan from Dogbreth By: Rebecca Sicile-Kira


“This band is unstoppable!” declares Dogbreth’s facebook page.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  With their new full length Sentimental Health out and a mini-tour booked with Waxahatchee this spring, it seems as...

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