First Monday News Broadcast of the year!


On Monday, October 13th the first Fall Quarter KDVS News Broadcast was aired (4:30pm PST).

It included:

A piece on the Ebola outbreak: with the rising epidemic of the Ebola disease, KDVS talked to two experts on infectious diseases. how probable...

New Volunteer Meetings Summer 2014

We are proud to announce the upcoming ┬ádates for new volunteer meetings for Summer 2014. Come on by if you're interested! KDVS Summer 2014 Volunteer Ad  ...

KDVS News and Public Affairs and Third Space Art Collective

Did you hear? The KDVS News and Public Affairs Directors teamed up with Third Space Art Collective to screen print some mad KDVS Fundraiser 2014 shirts! If you bought one, you're a lucky duck. These were made out of love for also those Newsies/Public Affairsiesout there. DSCN3381

An Interview with the Dean of Medicine

Did you miss the interview with the UC Davis Dean of Medicine on In a Heartbeat? Listen to it here: This show also covered the American College of Surgeons Annual Meeting in Berkeley, CA - don't miss out! [caption id="attachment_1169" align="aligncenter" width="377"]ACS... 						
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ORMF 2014

ORMF Banner Facebook Final Please join KDVS in our 14th annual Operation Restore Maximum Freedom Music and Art Festival. Every year KDVS likes bringing the Sacramento Valley community a vision of the eclectic, freeform music we listen to at the station. This year in collaboration with Sudwerks Brewery...

The people behind the clipboard

voting_lgWhat is it like to walk around with a clipboard and solicit money and time from students? Mark de Dios is on a mission to find out. Aired 3/5.

The Quarter system

fall_curriculum_2011Camellia Gregorian interviews students to see what they think about UC Davis’s quarter system. Aired 3/4.

Aggie Threads shuttered for the foreseeable future

Aggie Threads, a t-shirt printing shop owned by ASUCD and located in the Memorial Union, has been closed for months. Joseph Bustos spoke with ASUCD Controller Eric Evans and found that a faulty printer is to blame. The unit is not expected to reopen anytime soon. Aired 3/3.

The Press: an eclectic student publication

The Press is a new student-run publication founded by first-year Meagan Faller. Along with fellow Comparative Literature majors Garett Sutherland and John Pitre, Faller & contributors put together the monthly collection of news tidbits, fiction, photos, and whatever else they feel like. Adrian Glass-Moore reports. Aired 2/27.