Music & memory lecture

UC Davis Psychology Professor Petr Janata and his team have found that the brain’s medial prefrontal cortex serves as a link between musical cognition and memory recall. Professor Janata will be holding a lecture on the topic February 6, 2014 at the Tahoe Center for Environmental Science. Mason Mara-Randazzo reports. Aired 2/5/14.

New short fiction publication

horror cover
Anyone milling around Delta of Venus, KDVS, or Mishka’s might have noticed a small white staple-bound publication that first popped up on Halloween. The publication is put out monthly by Panopticalm Press, featuring locally written short fiction. Camellia Gregorian interviewed Panopticalm founder Jared Law. Aired 2/4/2014.

Changes to Davis alcohol law

The Minor Alcohol Preclusion Act is an ordinance made by the Davis City Council that allows police to charge minors with a crime for having a blood alcohol level higher than .02. ASUCD is putting up a fight by saying that takes away rights and won’t help the drinking problem. The Liaison between the campus and the city has chosen to side with UC Davis but the city is still fighting. Delaney McCune reports. Aired 2/3/14.

How will international students celebrate the Chinese New Year?

Many international students at UC Davis are celebrating this Chinese New Year far from home. Instead of having dinner with family, many will be cooking with friends. Some won’t celebrate at all due to work and tests. Sherry Zhu reports. Aired 1/30/14.

Alternative newspaper The Davis Beat

The Davis Beat is an alternative quarterly newspaper at UC Davis. To find out more, Misha Berman interviews managing editor Kevin Pelstring. Aired 1/29/14.

Chancellor Linda Katehi talks with KDVS News

KDVS News Director, Adrian Glass-Moore, speaks to Chancellor Linda Katehi about recent campus controversies, including the UC-wide smoking ban, tuition costs, administrator salaries, and the selection process of UC President Janet Napolitano. They also discuss freedom of expression on campus, her 2020 initiative, and her early years in Greece. Aired 1/17/14.

Experimental College shut down

ASUCD’s Experimental College, which offered alternative classes to students and Davis residents has been closed. The EC was shut down by ASUCD after failing to make enough money to pay its costs. Mason Mara-Randazzo reports. Aired 1/28/14.

The Aggie seeks a fee referendum

The California Aggie is asking the students to pay roughly $9 a year to keep the struggling newspaper afloat. The Aggie reduced printing from four days a week to once a week last quarter, but that wasn’t enough to keep their financial situation viable. Mark de Dios reports. Aired 1/27/14.