On January 29th the UC Davis Student government passed Senate Resolution #9, an advisory resolution that asks the University of California to divest from four American Companies that aid in the Israeli occupation of Palestine and illegal settlements in Palestinian territories, violating international humanitarian rights. Leaders of the UC Davis...

Valentine’s Day Special

What if us hopeless romantics were right, what if partners in romantic relationships did synchronize heartbeats? UC Davis professor of Psychology, Emillio Ferrer, worked with his colleagues and his students in a study on how romantic couples synced emotionally and physiologically. Image from:

Davis Wildlife

This news brief discusses larger Davis wildlife, and how they are handled as well as possible benefits they may bring. Interviews with professors and wildlife specialist are also included. Image from:

UC Davis Red Dress Collection

The UC Davis red dress collection is the first program in the nation dedicated to women's heart health. Launched by a UC Davis cardiologist and partly put on by the UC Davis department of fashion design, students create a collection of red dresses to raise awareness of heart health disease....

UC Davis Boxing Club

Minwoo Chang, KDVS News reporter, discusses how the UC Davis Boxing Club has come a long way. The club is one of the biggest on campus and includes membership from national champions. This news brief was part of the Monday segment from 2.9.2015 Image from:

UC Davis Dining Commons

This news brief discusses how UC Davis' dining commons are different compared to general restaurants. Interviews with students, professors, and staff are also included. Image from:

Jewish Fraternity Vandalism

Rebecca Miller, KDVS News reporter, interviewed divestment movement members who shared their thoughts on the recent vandalism of Jewish Fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi. Image from: Davis Wiki...

Monday Segment 2.2.2015

This segment includes coverage on how the drought has affected farmers in the area, an ASUCD senate meeting on divestment, and the use of virtual reality simulations in todays research. Image from:

Inside Look on California Teachers and School Funding

Minwoo Chang reports on teachers with low pay and the process of becoming a teacher. In addition, the funding of the K-12 school system is discussed as well. Image from: The New York Times...

Monday Segment 1.26.15

In this segment we discuss a story on no female genius portrayal in major TV shows and movies, a cover of the community meeting with the Davis police that happened last week, and an inside look at Obama's state of the union (interviews with professors at UC Davis). Image from:...