Contact any of the core staff members below to request being added to the appropriate KDVS listservs.

Please leave a voicemail with your name, number, and any relevant information should you contact a staff member via their Google Voice number.

Position Duties Office Hours Google Voice Number
Dynn Javier
General Manager
The Boss, The Man, The King, and The Devil Himself: budget, politics, and business as usual Tue 11am-1pm, Thur 12pm-2pm 470-344-5837 (KDVS)
Kelly Corcoran
Fundraiser Coordinator
Queen of Pledge Fulfillment: fundraiser planning, general leadership, and premium inventory Wed 3pm-5pm
Melina Tessier
Underwriting Director
Underwriting contracts and sponsorship solicitation in print, online, and on-air Mon 2pm-4pm, Thur 12pm-2pm
Daphne Liu
Production Manager
Public service announcements, carts, spots, and deep cuts Wed 1:30pm-3:30pm, Fri 12pm-2pm
Lauren Kunimoto &
Bernard Benson

Business Managers
Income, invoices, expenses, payroll, and business orders Thur 12pm-2pm (Lauren)
Nikki Schneider &
Lawrence Simon

Publicity Co-Directors
Visibility, public relations, tabling, ticket giveaways, and KDViationS distribution Mon 11:30am-1:30pm (Lawrence), Tue 12pm-2pm (Nikki), Thur 1pm-2pm & 4pm-5pm (Nikki), Fri 11:30am-1:30pm (Lawrence)
Kristina Baybayan &
Sebastian Gueta

Programming Co-Directors
Scheduling, training, compliance with FCC protocol, and quality control Tue 12pm-2pm (Kristina), Wed 12pm-2pm, Thur 12pm-2pm (Kristina & Sebastian)
Kris Nguyen & Zion Congrave-Wilson
Music Co-Directors (Volunteers & Staff contact via listserv.)
Music review, library maintenance, mail sorting, and record label contact Mon 12pm-2pm (Kris & Zion), Thur 11am-1pm (Zion), 3pm-5pm (Kris) 530-868-4028
Nikolay Yurashku
News Director
News shows and the like Mon 10am-2pm
Aaron Frankel
Public Affairs Director
Talk shows and the like Tue 2-4 pm, Thur 2-4pm 872-701-0903
Brian Fuller & Andy Clausen
Sports Co-Directors
Special sports broadcasts, interviews, sports sponsorships, and general athletics liason work Tue 5-7pm, by appointment.
Kasra Mirblouk
Events Coordinator
KDVS Presents booking and cross-promotion Mon 12pm-2pm, Fri 12pm-2pm
Kevin Gong
Social Media Coordinator
Outreach, marketing, and engagement on social media By appointment.
Lorraine Ye
Staff Development Coordinator
Training, coordination, and development By appointment.
Fenris Wulf
Studio Tech
Equipment maintenance in studio and on stage By appointment.