Position Duties Office Hours Phone Number
Ashley Hanson
General Manager
Oversee-er, Do-er, Hire-er, Firer, Trainer TBA (530) 235-6014
Kate Chambers
Assistant General Manager
Bunnin’ around the station to create a productive and cohesive work atmosphere. Team builder, class teacher, rule enforcer, general manager’s sanity maintainer  TBA
Joshua Hong & Nikki Schneider
Publicity Co-Directors
Public relations, designs/ distributes KDViations, gets ads  TBA
Gregory Wong & Sean Steimel
Sports Director
Oversees Sports Dept., coordinates special broadcasts  TBA
Miriam De Haven & Kris NguyenMusic Directors
Talk to promoters, compile charts, review music. TBA
Lauren Kunimoto &
Bernard Benson

Business Managers
Station budget, contract logging Tu/Fr 3-5 PMW 10:30-1 PM (530) 235-6014
Fenris Wulf
Studio Tech
Maintains Studio A/Studio B TBA
Eric Frankenstein
Events Coordinator
Organize KDVS Events & Shows TBA (530) 235-6012
Brad McMahon
Record Label Directors
Oversees the KDVS Recordings record label TBA (530) 235-6149
Brittni Blanco
Office Coordinator
Volunteer coordinator & Office manager TBA (530) 235-6011
Christine Richers
Live In Studio A
Booking live in-studio acts TBA
Emily Jones &
Kristina Baybayan
Programming Directors
Program schedule, program training, FCC Compliance  TBA
Daphne Liu
Production Manager
Produces all carts, trains staff on production equip. TBA
Chandler Hill
Underwriting Director
On-Air sponsorships  TBA (530) 235-6015
Hannah Hill
Public Affairs Director
Manages Public Affairs Programming TBA (530) 235-6260
Kamila Kudelska
News Director
Special tactics information gathering & dispersion TBA (530) 235-6147
Mark De Dios
Assistant News Director
Everything news related TBA (530) 245-6147